K-Beauty Expo (Kintex 2016)

Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit the K-Beauty Expo. This was held at Kintex which is a big convention center in Ilsan, Goyang-Si. It was a great chance to check out some new Korean Beauty, do some shopping and meet some of the brands that I have been following for a while.

The Expo went from Thursday to Sunday and I was able to go on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday as well. Saturday was the main day for me and I Instagramed the whole thing so if you follow me there you may have already seen and heard about my adventures. There were many different beauty products represented not just skincare and makeup. There were were also some fitness products, nail products and lots of new beauty technology was being shown off.

I was there for about four hours or so on Saturday afternoon and I was also lucky that my friend had agreed to come with me. She is Korean so was able to translate in the few places where they did not speak English. I went back by myself on Sunday to do a bit more shopping and I was glad that I did because there were a few stalls that we had somehow missed the first time around.

The hall that it was in at Kintex was huge and there were so many stalls and booths. It was quite overwhelming. When we first got there on Saturday we stood at the entrance for a few minutes trying to decide where to start. Everything was so colorful and shiny it was very hard to think of where to go first. We finally decided to go down the row in front of us and then continue up and down the rows until we reached the end and then to do the other half of the hall in the same manner. It seemed like a good idea but we still manged to get distracted and go off course a few times.

I was very excited to see some of the brands I have collaborated with in the past. Some of these were:

Shangpree – It was lovely to see Celia from Shangpree again, she looked after me when I went for my spa treatment recently. They were doing very well and the booth was hopping. They also were voted one of the top booths so that was pretty exciting. Celia also told me they have a new green mask coming out, it looks like it will be a fun one to try.

ifactory – ifactory is a brand that sent me one of their cushions to try out. I will have a full review on this one soon, I’ve put some first impressions up on Instagram if you are interested. My friend was able to translate so that was handy and it was so nice to meet them. I was actually wearing their cushion at the Expo and they were lovely enough to gift me with another cushion. I gave that one to my friend for her translation help. Unfortunately I forgot to take some photos of the booth, I took some on Instagram Stories but they of course don’t save and they disappear after a certain time. So this is a picture of the cushion they gave me which they put in this little bag with some candy.


Ameli – Ameli sent me a couple of their new lipsticks a few weeks ago. They were so pleasant to deal with and I just happened to see their booth and so stopped by to say hello. It was quite fortunate because I was able to swatch some of their eye shadows and wow – there were some great colors. I am very excited about one called ‘Cherry Blossom’ it was so pretty. I am definitely going to have to get some of these in the not too distant future and now I have swatched them it is a bit easier to choose.


While it was great to see some old favorites I was equally excited to find many new brands to try out. These were some of the interesting brands that I found and purchased items from:

TOV – this new brand has a camellia line that is so pretty and pink. They have a small range of skincare and makeup. The sales people at the booth were very nice and I was really impressed with the products and packaging. I bought their Cushion, Serum and Cleansing Balm.

Tan May – this was another very new brand. I was attracted to the stall because they have a wash-off mask that has a lovely striking mint green color. The people behind this brand were absolutely lovely to talk to. It’s a brand very much in the beginning stages and they are working on getting their website up. I bought some of their sheet masks and they gave me a little trial pot of their wash-off mask to try out.

BornSia – with products that are 99% natural and made with a proprietary fermentation process I just had to stop and check it out. This was one of the last booths I visited and I had actually walked past it a few times. Their packaging is gimmick free (I’m a sucker for gimmicks which is why I walked past it the first few times) and just made to be what it is. I got their wash-off mask, cleanser and a mini shampoo. I don’t know where to buy this one from except that they export to Japan, so if you live in Japan you might be able to track it down.20161016_162422

Isntree – This was a natural looking brand, their stall had lots of green and they don’t test on animals. They were really busy, I had to stand back for a few minutes until people moved out of the way. The sales person told me they were organic but when I asked if it was 100% organic she said no. The name comes from Island + Natural + Tree. I got some of their sheet masks to try, they were 8,000 won for a pack of five which was quite a good deal.


There were a lot of brands that I was very interested in but were not selling or that I did not get anything from this time around. These are the ones I will be watching for in the future:

13 Month – This is a very new cosmetics brand that has not even launched yet. 13 Month is an online clothing brand who are about to expand into the cosmetics market. They were not selling at the expo just showing off their new line. It was gorgeous and pink. I tried one of their lipsticks and the color was so pretty. They launch on November 1st so I will be waiting for that and will be trying to track that lipstick down.

Lala Cosmetics – another one that had a lipstick I wanted but unfortunately they were not selling at the expo. They also had some cute sheet masks featuring a character called ‘cynical rabbit’. That sounds like my kind of rabbit.

Also SaeByuck, DMCK and PharmTree were some others that I got brochures from and will be interested to do some more research on.


Overall I had  wonderful time, saw some great products and met some lovely people. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for the next one.

Below are some pictures of my hauls from the two days. I did a lot of shopping but I did have a budget and I stuck to it. Luckily everything is on special at the expo with many of the items being 50% off so there were lots of bargains. If you want to see more of my haul then please check out my Instagram. I have posted all the different brands individually there.

Just in case you don’t have Instagram here are some of my favorite purchases from the Expo.

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6 thoughts on “K-Beauty Expo (Kintex 2016)

    1. Lol, yeah it was amazing and I had such a good time. I was so sore from walking the next day tho. I imagine I walked more than I did the entire month in two days 😆


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