Masking – The Face Shop Sparkling Apple Face Mask

This sheet mask is from The Face Shop and is the Sparkling Apple Face Mask. You can buy them individually or in sets of ten and it comes in two varieties – Sparkling Apple or Sparkling Wine. The one I tried out here is the Sparkling Apple. I love apple scented things so I was very interested to see how this one fared.

The first thing I like about this mask is the packaging. It comes in a slim pouch that is similar to a single serve coffee stick. It’s much more economical than usual sheet masks and easier to store as it takes up less space. I think all sheet masks should use this design if the material is able to be rolled.

The material of this mask was a thin soft cotton. It was easy to use although it did require scissors to open as there was no tear mark on the packet like there usually is with sheet masks. The fit was average but stayed on well and I was sitting up the whole time I wore it. It did not move or slide down my face at all.

It did smell like apples which was nice. I like it when they smell like what they contain and it does contain fruit extract too. The sparkling part of the name is because it also contains carbonated water but obviously it’s not fizzy anymore so I’m not sure if you can really call it carbonated water. There is a slight tingling on your skin which might account for the name too. It was not unpleasant or anything and it was very minimal.

The mask was quite wet but there was not any extra essence in the packet other than a couple of drops. It stayed wet for the 20 minutes I had on and only dried out a little bit. It says to leave it on for 15 to 2o minutes. Of course you can leave it on longer and many people do but I am always impatient. Once I removed the mask my face was still slightly damp so I lightly patted the skin to help the essence absorb. It did not take long for it to be absorbed.

This mask left my face feeling soft and hydrated and smelling faintly of apples. I enjoyed using this sheet mask and would use it again.

Rating 3.5/5


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