Masking – SNP Fruits Gelato Soothing Mask Quince

This sheet mask smells slightly fruity, it’s quite pleasant but it’s very faint so it won’t bother most people if you are someone who does not like strong scents on your masks.

This material it’s made of is a super thin, almost transparent cotton. It actually looks more like a hydrogel mask. Especially since it was very wet in a slightly thick essence. It was covered in the essence but still only had about half a teaspoon left in the packet. Because it was a bit thicker the essence mostly clung to the mask. It did pool under my chin but did not run down so that was good. I really dislike it when the liquid runs down your neck but again the thicker consistency probably helped with this too.

The fit was average to a little on the small side. There was about two fingers width between the edge and my ears on either side. I may just have a slightly wider face. Masks tend to be too long for me and not wide enough.

Once you remove the mask the directions say to pat in any excess essence. I left this mask on for about 20 to 30 minutes but of course there was still  a lot of excess essence on my skin. The mask was lousy with it and there is only so much your skin can absorb. Because my face was still quite wet I had to spend an extra 5 mins patting it in otherwise it would just be wet.

On the plus side after using this mask my face did feel and look very hydrated. I do think it looked a little less red too. It is soothing mask so that would make sense. Overall I really liked the mask and would certainly use it again. There are also some other flavors in the range that I will have to try at too.

Rating: 3.5/5

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