Review – Yvesom Spirulina Toner

This product was sent to me by Yvesom in exchange for an honest review. I was lucky enough to meet them at the last Expo I attended in Korea and check out their products. I had been following this brand on Instagram for a while so it’s always nice to meet in person. Although this was provided to me for free, all opinions are my own and as always I strive to be open and honest.

Yvesom contacted me soon after and offered to send me one of their products to try out. I chose this Spirulina Toner as I had seen the line at the Expo and I was very interested it. It was perfect timing also as I was almost out of the toner I was using so I was able to start using it almost straight away.


The Yvesom Spirulina Toner is a non-irritating product which is supposed to tighten pores and clean skin crystalline clear. The properties for this product are listed as Moisturizing, Replenishing, Exfoliating, Soothing, Pore Tightening and Anti-Oxidant. It contains Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing and the Spirulina is for soothing the skin. Spirulina is an algae found in fresh water and it contains amino acids, minerals and enzymes.

Yvesom is a company that uses natural ingredients and they have lists of what they don’t use in their products. There are 20 ingredients that are ‘to be avoided the most’ which includes mineral oil, sorbic acid and artificial coloring. Then they also exclude ’26 allergens’ such as benzyl alcohol, citral and tree lichen extract. You can find the full lists on their website

This Spirulina Toner seems very gentle and mild and says it is good for all skin-types including sensitive skin.

I’ve been using this toner for almost a month now so I have had a good amount of time to trial it and consider what it has done for my skin. I’ve used about half the 150ml bottle so it lasts pretty well considering I use it morning and night. The retail price is 38,000 won and they actually have a 1 + 1 deal on at the moment.


The packaging is simple yet effective and I think it works well with the natural image Yvesom is working to portray. Green is the ideal color for a Spirulina product and both the box and bottle are different shades of green.

The box is very straightforward and clean. It does not have a lot of writing or graphics but it does list all of the ingredients clearly in English which is great if you don’t read Korean. The ingredients list for this toner is as follows:


I liked that it was well sealed. The box has a seal on the top and then the actual bottle had a freshness seal over the opening also.

The bottle is plastic and is a darker shade of green than the box. It has a screw off cap and an orifice reducer to limit the amount of product that comes out. This is good so you don’t use as much product or accidentally pour too much out at a time. The label on the bottle is gold which adds an understated elegance.


Look, feel and smell:

This is of course a toner so it has a pretty standard look and feel. It’s a very thin, watery liquid and is colorless.


I’m not a huge fan of the smell although I have to say it has been growing on me. It’s clean and fresh but I think it’s also a little alcohol-like. Now in saying that there is a good chance I am noticing it because it doesn’t have any added fragrance to make it smell nice and pretty like I am used to. That’s actually a good thing so this is just a minor observance and feel like I would be remiss if I did not mention it. It’s not a bad smell nor is it strong.


As this is a basic toner you use it in the standard way. I’ve been using it morning and night after cleansing with a foam cleanser. There are some people who don’t think that toners do anything but I always like to use them. I feel like it just gives that extra boost of cleansing. A few times recently when I have missed spots of makeup this toner has been really good at catching that and ensuring my skin is totally clean before I apply other skin care or makeup products.

After cleansing, I use a small cotton pad which I splash a couple of drops onto and then I wipe that all over my face and neck, especially my forehead, nose and chin because those are the areas where I tend to get oily.


I love the clean and fresh feeling of this toner. It does not sting , nor does it dry out my skin like some toners do. After it dries I can apply any other skincare but often in the mornings I just apply a moisturizer. I’m usually pressed for time so I do only the very minimal – cleanse, tone and moisturize.

I haven’t noticed any major changes in my skin but I like the immediate effects. The photos above show before and after on my hand. It’s not really noticeable but the skin is a little brighter and smoother afterwards. I also had a bit of lip tint that I had been swatching earlier and the toner has helped to get that off as well.

Overall it’s a decent toner that works well. I don’t know if I would get it again as I have so many other toners to try but I wouldn’t not use it. I would quite like to try some other products in the line. There is a Spirulina Cleanser which I think would be nice to use with the toner. Yvesom also has an Eyelash Ampoule which looks very interesting.

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