2017 Beauty Editor

This year I am one of eight official Beauty Editors for the K-Beauty Expo Korea. I will be bringing you updates from the Expo and reviews of items sent to me by the K-Beauty Expo team. I will also be attending two expos one in Vietnam in June and then the main event in Korea in October.

Date: 2017. 10. 12(목) ~ 15(일), 4일간

Venue: KINTEX, Goyang-Si, South Korea













Some Participating Companies/Brands: (for a full list and booth numbers check out the K-Beauty Expo Site)


3 Days Love, 9 Wishes, Amok Cosmetics, Adelio, Beauty People, Beaucros, BonAir, Clreo-I, Chaeyun 614, CP-1, Fascy, ShangpreeBanobagi, The Namie, Pams, Dr.Deep, Helloskin, Shine K-II, 11Huesday, Clapiel, H.Lab, Soo of the Nature, BolcA, The Essence of Nature, Beuins, Wish Formula, Allonge, Phy-mongShe, G&H (kids makeup), Vanav, B-A-7, Holika Holika, Hi-tech Green WayHugging U, Mediface, Rire, Nasv, Ido TeaENS Beauty Group (Whamisa, Oolu, Beausome, New Days), Sesamis, UrangJoycosPla Beau, Eye Candy, LED V Rang, Jeju Indi, Mayu Nara, J&G Cosmetics, When, Baren, J’Ers, Bonny & J, Style 71, All that Nature, MD’s Pick, Dr. NeullDr. YNM, Espesso, Elea Skin Care, HongEwha, Skinculture (DN64), Korea World, Rootree, N.O.Q, Kbidi (Jejuon, Haion), Karatica, Kicho, Kiss New YorkKocostar, Skintalk, Eclado, Salua, Tan MayL’eau Claire, Lindsay, Look At Me, Anskin, Buetre, Lemuel Beauty, Labottach, Lapcos, Lycon, Dr. Oberon, Payot, Mayucare, MLS, More3, 16 Drops, The Orchid Skin, MariAnne, Marshique, Mimiang, Sam & Sean, Dermaherb, Puraelle, Dr. Tisha, Nature’s Friend, Nayoota, Neogenesis, NewTech, NKI, FlaxKorea, Nutricare, Oka, Soroci, Osang Jaiel, Ovaco, Nailholic, Nion Beauty (Opus), Piniq, Lalaspick, PL Cosmetic, ProYou, PSI, CellncoParaJeju, Paranmedicos (Fau), iFactory, Picostech, PillingBean, Ray Dear, ReinPlatz, Reclar, Royal Skin, Saebyeok, Sensco, Bulgarian Rose, Sinwoo Korea, Pharm Tree, Skin Factory, Spometics, SR Biotech, Passioncat, TOVThank You Farmer, The Lotus, TCS Lenses, The Standard, The Skin, Wettrust, Tappy Tok Tok, Victoria Beauty, WooSoo, Welcos, W.Lab, Welfood Living, Yadah, YGlobal, YSJ Commercial, Youthful Korea,


Havlíkova přírodní apotéka (Czech Republic), Marilou Bio (French/US), Advanced Cosmetica (Australia), Les Artistes de Nature (France), East Rich (Taiwan), Lessonia (France), Vitayes (Germany), Revi Pharma (Italy),