Review – Ameli Lipsticks

This review is on a couple of lipsticks that were sent to me by the Korean brand Ameli (아멜리) for review purposes. They were kind enough to let me pick two shades to try out. Although these were provided to me for free the opinions and observations expressed here are all my own.


Ameli has a range of seven shades available in these Lipsticks. I decided to pick two that were a bit different so I went for no.914 Vampire and no.929 Tinted Bon Bon (sometimes transliterated as Tinted Bong Bong).

Currently Ameli sell online so they can be a bit harder to get your hands on if you live outside Korea or if you can’t read Korean. But there are always ways; one great way to get products not available in your country is to use a shopping service. There are lots of sites and services that cater to this nowadays.

Ameli has an exciting and growing collection of products. They started out with their well know Platlips (or Flatlips depending on the transliteration) which are highly pigmented lip colors in a pot. They also have a huge range of eye shadows and recently just added a cushion to their line up.

Although these are the only two products from Ameli I currently own I was lucky enough to see their stall at a Kbeauty Expo I went to in October. I swatched some of their eye shadows and was really impressed. I have some on my wish list and will certainly be trying them out in the future.


The boxes that these Lipsticks come in is basic black. They have all the information on them including how to use the click button mechanism. Although it’s not hard you have to be careful not to click it too many times as it only goes one way. You can’t wind the product back down.

The packaging of the tube is also black and as mentioned they have a click button mechanism. There is nothing fancy about it but it is functional and small so you can fit it in your purse easily. It’s not revolutionary, Tony Moly and The Saem both have something similar, but it works well and that’s the main thing. Lipsticks have been using the same packaging for a long time now so it’s not like we expect every company to reinvent the wheel. While I do appreciate the cute packaging of many Korean products I appreciate simple aesthetics too sometimes.


I think independent brands like this tend to spend more time and effort on the actual product rather than the packaging and it shows. Ameli products are highly pigmented and they have a range of colors that is amazing compared to what is in offer from most Korean makeup brands. If you are looking for something different then this is definitely worth checking out.

Look, Feel and Smell:

I was interested in the Ameli Platlips but I was not sure about how much I would use a product in a pot. It’s not really something that you can take with you and touch up easily so I never got around to trying them out.

When Ameli contacted me about their new Lipsticks I was very intrigued. These are the same shades as the pots but in a more solid stick form. The Lipsticks are still not completely solid so are in the click up type of tube rather than wind up. The product has a soft, melting texture so it would be very messy if you were to wind it up too far. The click up function helps with this.

Both of the lipsticks are very pigmented and have a glossy finish. Pink Bon Bon is a gorgeous bright opaque barbie pink. Whenever I wear this color it always makes me happy. Vampire is a color that is unlike anything else I own. It’s a kind of rusty, bloody red.




They have little to no smell and the texture is very smooth. They glide on easily and are surprisingly simple to apply. I thought that being so pigmented it might be hard to get them to look right but even without lip liner I have not had too much trouble. Because they are so pigmented they look great even when you just use a little bit. This makes them very versatile.

Of course if I’m going for a full color look then they do look much nicer with lip liners and I was lucky because I found some liners already in my collection that match well. Both of them are from Prorance and are super cheap on Gmarket usually under 2,00o won.

The Prorance Auto Lipliners that I used here and in the photos below are no.14 Hot Pink and no.52 Sexy Red.


Pink Bon Bon is probably my favorite. When it first arrived and I swatched it I thought it might be too bright for me. I loved it but I don’t wear a lot of bold colors even though I’m very attracted them. I figured I would just blot it to make it a bit more wearable. This worked well and it still looks really nice. It also cuts down on transfer this way so it’s more practical if you are not going to be able to touch up.

I have also experimented with wearing it more like a tint where I dab some on and then use my finger to blend it on my lips. This is a good look too; it’s similar to the blotting but leaves me with more of a glossy finish.

Eventually I  got up enough courage to wear it out in its full color. It’s such a bright happy color it made me feel very confident.

For Vampire I prefer to wear it just a small amount dabbed on and then blended with my finger. I think that looks the best as I don’t really like the full look of this color as much. It’s a very unique look; I feel like cool pinks tend to go better with my coloring and this is perhaps a bit on the warm side. But I always like to try these different ones for fun.

The main drawback of these lipsticks is that they are highly transferable. Because the formula is a melting/soft one they can also be slightly messy. I have ended up with it all over my hands after application so you do need to be careful.

Because of this I was actually surprised at how well it wears; I was expecting it to disappear very quickly. I’ve tested it for long days out and about and if you are not eating or drinking it will last quite well. But of course we have to eat and drink. I always use a straw which helps but I still noticed the color transferring to the straw. I think it’s just inevitable but at this stage it still usually looks okay and I don’t have to touch up if I don’t have time.

Eating is another story, it quickly wears away when you are eating. Well maybe if you eat nice and dainty like a lady it won’t but I’m usually eating burgers or pizza or something of that variety and so I definitely need to reapply  after dinner.

Overall I’m really happy with these and I wear the pink one a lot. I think the color payoff is worth a little bit of mess and luckily they don’t seem to smear so long as you are careful. I like the red one because it’s different from the other colors that I have in my collection but I don’t wear it as much.

Rating: 4.5/5

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