Masking – Tan May Mineral Ampoule Mask (Healing & Repair)

I had three of these masks that I bought from the Kbeauty Expo at Kintex back in October 2016. I wanted to wait till I had used them all before I did my review. I have been using these and the Tan May Jelly wash off mask over the last couple of weeks.

This is a regular type of cotton sheet mask that feels like a very thin tissue material. It contains a mineral ampoule and has just enough liquid so that the mask is covered but there is none left over. The mask looks a little yellow when you take it out as the ampoule has a bit of a yellow hue to it.

The mask was very thin and it was actually a really nice fit. I found that the eye holes were a good shape and big enough to ensure the mask and subsequent liquid were well away from my eyes which is something very important to me. It adhered to my face well and stayed in place. It might have been a little narrow for my face as there was about a one inch gap between the edge of the mask and my ear but that seems to be the case for a lot of masks.

It has an extremely subtle smell. You only really notice it if you sniff and its hard to tell what it is. Maybe a bit floral and fruity.

The ingredients and the instructions are all in English on the back. There is only actually about two lines of Korean on the whole thing. It is made in Korea and they do not test on animals which is nice to know. The picture below lists all of the ingredients at the top.


I really liked the fit of this mask. It was easy to put on and comfortable to wear so I actually left it on a lot longer than I usually do. The last one I used I actually left on for about 50 minutes which is almost a record for me. I usually tend to only leave masks on for 20 to 30 minutes as I get sick of them easily. After 50 minutes it had dried out quite a bit especially around the nose but my skin was still slightly damp when I took it off.

Once I removed the mask my skin felt well hydrated. I don’t think there were any noticeable differences but the skin did feel soft and moisturized. Overall I liked this for a sheet mask. I generally tend to prefer hydrogel masks more nowadays so I think this one did well for what it is.The best thing about it was the fit, it was one of the better sheet masks that I have tried in a while in this department.

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