K-Beauty Expo – Unboxing Expo Beauty Box

As a Beauty Editor for the K-Beauty Expo Korea I was recently sent a box full of goodies to review. This box contains products from vendors who will have booths at the 2017 K-Beauty Expo Korea which will be held at Kintex in Goyang-Si on 12th-15th of October.


The box was full of fun products and I will by trying and reviewing them over the next few weeks. I already have some reviews up on my Instagram so you can check them out there. I will also re-post them here on my blog at a later date and i will add some additional photos here on the blog.


I was already familiar with some of the brands in the box. A few of them I had seen at the expo last year. I was also excited to find a few new brands that I have not heard of too, it’s always fun to discover new things.

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Contents of the box:

Kocostar Hand Moisture Pack

Kocostar Face Spot Mirror Patch

Wish Formula Blackhead & Blackmask Home Spa Kit

Wish Formula The Bat Eye Mask with Centella Honey Fermented Essence

Ruby Cosmetology De-Ageing RW Mask Cream

Allonge Alpha Vita Derm Cream

Bonny & J 1954 Placenta Selfie BB Cream

Lindsay Vitamin Modelling Mask

BoLC A+ Bolca Anti-Wrinkle Mask x2

RNW Royal Honey Propolis Mask x 2

Weltrust Inner Disposable Feminine Cleansing Gel

Insera Mystic 360 Anytime Moisturizing Mist

Iope Moistgen Skin Hydration Special Gift Set x2

Laneige Moisture Care Trial Kit x 2



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