Review – A’pieu Full Color Eyes Palette (My Daily)

I reviewed this palette a while back on Instagram but I thought I should add it here on my blog also. It’s an older one but they still sell it I think and they often re-package it into their character collaborations so while the packaging might look different the review on the contents will still be relevant.


I can’t quite remember how much it was but maybe around 15,000 to 17,000 won.

There are two shade ranges for the palette and the one I have is called ‘My Daily’. The other one is called ‘Mono Best‘ and has more coral and warm toned colors. These palettes were also repackaged in the Doraemon collection so if you have that one then it’s the same.


The packaging on my palette is pretty basic. It’s black with white lettering on it. It say’s ‘A’pieu Is Here‘ in big lettering on the front of the palette and then in smaller font under that it says ‘If you want it‘. The box that it comes in is just the same as the palette also.

This is an 8 shadow palette and has a mixture of matte, shimmer and sparkling shades. Like most Korean eye palettes this one is heavier on the shimmery shades. It has just two mattes. Then two shimmer shades and four sparkling.


The shadows are arranged in strips and you get a good size at 1.25g each.

The inside top of the case has a mirror and it comes with a duel ended sponge applicator which sits at the front of the shadows. The case is reasonably sturdy and clicks closed firmly. I did see that one of the shadow pans was a bit loose however I have had it for a while. They are just glued into place so you could easily depot this if you wanted to.

Look, feel and smell:


As you can see from the swatches the first color which is sparkling is very low in pigmentation this would have been much better as a matte color that could have been used as a base. It’s one of my major annoyances with this palette because it means it’s not self contained. I have to use another color from somewhere else as a base.

The texture of these shadows is quite soft and buttery; apparently they have rose hip oil in them to make them moist and creamy. The shimmer shades especially are very soft. The sparkling ones are not quite as soft as they have glitter in them and I find that they have a bit of fallout. The matte shades are okay but a little on the chalky side if I am being hyper-critical.

Overall the colors vary in pigmentation. That first one is the worst but some of the others are nicely pigmented. The darker shades at the end as you can see in the swatches are quite good.

The palette has a slight eye shadow type smell but only if you really sniff it.


This is a good palette for some nice everyday looks. You can apply with your finger or with a brush. I’ve used both as sometimes if I’m in a hurry I just swipe on a bit of color with my fingers as best I can.

I usually tend to use with an eye primer. I think it helps with their vibrancy and keeps them in place longer and with the lighter colors you need that extra help. After wearing for normal day they stay on well and don’t crease or fade too much.

My favorite colors are the 2nd one which is a pretty shimmer shade and it feels nice and soft and buttery. It has a golden highlight type quality and I think you could easily use it as a highlighter if you needed to.  And then I also like the 3rd one too; it’s a sparking shade and is a pretty rose gold hue.

The last three colors are well pigmented so I quite like them too. The plum/burgundy color is another sparkling one and is lovely. Then the dark matte brown is next and last is another dark brown but this is sparkling and has gold flecks through it.

For a lower cost range of eye shadows they are mostly quite good. Obviously if you paid more you would expect more so if you are looking for pro type eye shadows then there are other brands that can deliver that.

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