Masking – Cremorlab Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask

It’s been a while since I used a Cremorlab mask so I thought I should dig one out of the stash. I’ve used this one before and I’m a fan of Cremorlab masks in general. They are probably some of my favorite masks both in fit and results.

Cremorlab one of those brands that has much more of an overseas presence than it does in Korea. Sometimes brands choose to try their luck on the foreign market first before building up a base in Korea. It paid off for Cremorlab as they had a lot of success following some high profile influencers talking about them on Social Media.  But at that time they were unknown in Korea and products were hard to find. In the last few years Cremorlab have started to push into the domestic market so you can now find their products at LOHB’s, Shinsegae and of course online.

This Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask is a hydrogel mask for ‘firming, pore tightening highly effective hydrating. With a hydrogel mask the hydrating gel is supposed to melt onto your skin which helps the essence penetrate deep into the skin.

This mask contains Cremolab’s patented T.E.N Water, a blend of active minerals that moisturize and firm the skin, along with Marine Collagen for enhancing elasticity, Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing, Hamamelis extract for tightening pores, and Lotus extract for tightening skin.


It’s a hydrogel so it comes sandwiched between two sheets to keep its shape and make sure that it does not stick together while in the packet. It is covered in essence but is not overly soaked or anything and there is not any essence left over in the packet. The mask comes in two pieces and is very easy to handle and apply.

One thing I noticed straight away was that it has little to no smell at all. That makes it a really good choice for those of you who prefer no fragrance in their masks.

I have to say that this is probably one of the best fitting masks I have ever used. It fits nice and snugly around my face, the eye holes are good, the nose flap covers my large nose and the piece under the nose is not too thick so it does not go over my top lip like so many of them do (it’s something that continuously annoys me about masks). It stayed on well too. I left it on for a good long while tonight; about 40 minutes I think it was and it was just starting to dry out under the nose (I was sitting next to a fan so it probably dried it out faster than it would normally).


After I took it off my face felt very fresh and cool. The skin was soft and hydrated and I could see that the fine lines around my eyes were looking plumped up. I am happy with the results

This is definitely a winner, I have used this one before and I will no doubt use it again in the future. They are not the cheapest masks, I can’t remember how much this one was as I got it a while ago but they are the slightly higher price point so around 4 or 5,000 won each but if you wait for a 1+1 sale then it’s much more economical.

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