Masking – So Natural Facial Design Pink Mud Mask

This mask is fun and a bit of a change, it’s from the Korean brand So Natural and is a mud mask. That means it’s kind of different from the normal sheet masks and hydrogel ones that I usually use. It does not have essence so its not really wet; instead it is covered in an ultra thin layer of mud. The mud is wet but it’s a different sort of wet if you know what I mean.

The mask comes in two pieces and is sandwiched between two plastic protective layers just like hydrogel masks are. The texture of the mask is different it’s a thin porous material that reminded me of a bandage. The mud color is a beige-pink which of course gives this ‘Pink Mask’ its name.

The fit was very good and it was relatively easy to apply. It really adheres to your face because of the thin fabric and the mud. It says ‘3D Corset’ on the packet and I think that refers to how it lays snug on your face. It does not move at all once it is on.

As you wear it the mask dries out just like a regular mud mask would. After about 10 minutes the mud is starting to dry and as the layer of mud is so thin it makes sense that it would not take too long. The instructions say to leave it on for 40 to 50 minutes which is a lot longer than most masks. By 30 minutes it was very dry and really stuck to my face. It kind of feels like a clay mask after it dries and gets a little tight.

Once you are ready to take it off you can just pull it off gently. It had stuck to to my skin at this point so I did have to peel it off. I found that it came off pretty easily and it didn’t hurt or anything it just felt a bit weird. After you have removed the mask you can wash off any remaining residue.

Results – after using this mask my face felt very bright and clean. The skin looks and feels quite smooth as well. My skin did feel a little on the dry side afterward but as I do my masking in the evening I just put a sleeping pack on afterwards for some extra moisturizing.

I would definitely use again as it was quite fun.

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