K-Beauty Expo – Lindsay Vitamin Modeling Mask

This is another product from the box of goodies that the K-Beauty Expo sent me to review as part of the Beauty Editor program for 2017. It was provided to me for free for review purposes but as always all thoughts are my own and are my honest opinions.

This is a modeling mask from the brand Lindsay. Lindsay make a wide variety of masks and skincare. They are well know for these one time use ‘rubber’ masks in a cup. These kind of masks are popular in Korean spas but this is a way to have that experience in the comfort of your own home.

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Modeling masks are made of a powder that contains a blend of alginate (kelp extract), botanical extracts and clay. When you add water it turns into a soft gel. These masks from Lindsay come in a variety of different ‘flavors’ to address various skin concerns. The one I received is the ‘Vitamin’ version and this one has vitamin c and niacinamide to help brighten the skin.

The mask comes in a handy little pot with a spatula. You mix it in the pot so it is all self contained. The only thing you need is some water.  There is a line on the pot to guide you to how much water to put in. You don’t want too much or it will not set but too little will make it dry and hard to apply. The first time I used one I made it far too wet. This time was probably a little dry. I think if you fill it to just under the line you should be good. The spatula can be used both to stir the mixture and then to spread it on your skin.

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Once you have added the water and thoroughly mixed it all up you need to move fast to get it on your face before it sets. Spread the now gooey mixture on your face nice and thick with the provided spatula. It’s pretty easy and it might not look great but as long as you get it on it will be fine.

You can leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes. Because of the rubber texture the mask molds to the individual shape of your face and ensures all of the good vitamins and minerals can be absorbed into your skin.


I have to say I thought the mask really nice and cooling on my skin. It doesn’t get uncomfortable either because although it sets it does not get hard like clay masks. It’s soft and flexible (like rubber; hence the name) and this also means it’s not at all painful to remove. Once the mask has set and you are ready to remove it you just peel it off. Ideally it would come off in one complete piece but the reality is that it usually breaks up as you peel it off. Of course that can add to the fun and you can keep trying more masks to get the perfect peel.


I did find that the edges of the mask got dry and maybe I did not put quite enough water in so it may have been a bit worse than usual. This means that I was left with some product on my skin after I peeled it off. This will usually be the case so you can use some water or toner to clean it up.

Overall I really liked this mask. The process is slightly involved but would have probably been a lot easier if I had not been filming on Instagram and taking photos.

The mask left my skin feeling very cool, soft and smooth and I could see some brightening which was nice. I would definitely use again but not regularly as I’m a bit too lazy for that.  I think vitamin masks are always good for the skin if it needs a bit of a pick-me-up.

2 thoughts on “K-Beauty Expo – Lindsay Vitamin Modeling Mask

  1. I’ve always wondered about these masks! I’ve seen them at Winners (TJMaxx) and wasn’t sure about them. They remind me of the ones that the spas use – does it almost have a gummy consistency?

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    1. Yes they are supposed to be an at home spa solution so they are just like the ones you would get there. Once you mix it up it has a gel/gummy type consistency and then it drys to a rubber kind so you can easily peel it off.

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