K-Beauty Expo – Masking With Kocostar

As you may know from some previous posts this year I am working with the K-Beauty Expo as one of their selected Beauty Editors. They send me products from companies that will be at the Expo in October to review. Although these products are provided to me for free the opinions expressed here on my blog are my own honest thoughts and experiences after trying each of the different masks.

I have already reviewed all of these in individual posts on Instagram but I thought I would put it all together in one handy post here on my blog. All of these masks are from the brand Kocostar. Kocostar make a wide variety of different masks for all over the body.

Kocostar Hand Moisture Pack

The Kocostar Hand Moisture Pack are gloves that have a moisturizing essence inside them. You get two pieces, one for each hand and they are medium to large sized which was fine for me. They are made of a lightweight nylon on the outside and a gauze-tissue on the inside. They come in different colored gloves but that is just cosmetic there is no difference between the them.

The gloves come joined together at the wrist and you just need to gently pull them apart. It’s very easy as the connection is perforated. The gloves have little sticker tabs on each wrist so that you can fit them snugly around your wrist.

It feels a bit gross when you put the them on as you are putting your hands into a wet slimy glove. Once they are on they do stay on well and are not uncomfortable.
I have to say I did not like the feeling of wearing them that much. I left them on for about 30 minutes and it’s not like they were annoying or anything I just didn’t like it.

Because they have the nylon covering the outside is dry and you can continue to do stuff like use your phone and computer. It’s a bit awkward but you don’t have to sit idle waiting or anything.

After I took them off my hands were covered in essence. It left my fingers all wrinkled like when you go swimming. I guess that is the moisture in them. It went away after 5mins or so. The essence was also quite thick so I washed it off. Not sure if you are supposed to leave it on like face masks but that’s not very practical.

After some time the skin on my hands felt a bit softer. I have a couple of dry spots that feel well moisturized and soft so that was nice. Overall I don’t think they did much for me. If you have very rough hands this could be good for you and I think you could have some fun with your friends using them at a girls night or something.

These retail for 2,500 won each.


Kocostar Bird’s Nest Silk Fibre Mask

The main selling point for this mask is that it contains bird’s nest and I usually avoid these types of products as I’m not sure about the ethics. However since it was sent to me I figured I may as well try it out.

The featured ingredient is Swiftlet Nest Extract. It’s actually the birds saliva that they use to make their nests. It’s used in foods as well as beauty and it’s good for the skin because it contains a lot of vitamins and protein.

This mask is supposed to be great for moisturizing and softness. It had a good amount of essence and the essence was quite thick. It had a pleasant scent; not too much but still noticeable.

The material was very light and soft. It is made of eucalyptus tree fibres (95%) and cocoon silk protein fibre (5%) which is supposed to be skin friendly and not irritate the skin even with friction.

It fit well and stayed on well too. It was definitely very lightweight. The only thing I didn’t like was that the strip under the nose was a bit thick but this is a constant issue for me with most masks.

This mask is supposed to be good for sensitive skin. So I was surprised when my not so sensitive skin reacted to it. I didn’t notice much when I was wearing it. Maybe it got a little itchy towards the end but nothing to make me think I needed to take it off. I left it on for about 30 minutes and my skin was red and blotchy when I removed it.

The redness faded and it didn’t feel irritated at all so it was just one of those things. It has happened to me with a couple of masks in the past. Of course I won’t be using it again but I know others have used it with no problems. Other than that my skin does feel moisturized so it wasn’t a total loss.

This mask retails for 2,500 won.


Kocostar W line hydrogel breast pack

This was an interesting one as I have seen these breast ones but never tried any before. Not really something I would think to buy for myself but it’s always fun to try new things.

This mask pack uses a plant called Pueraria Mirifica which is a herbal medicine used in Thailand. It also has Sausage Tree Fruit Extract (Kigelia Africana) which is from Africa. Both of these ingredients have traditionally been used for breast enhancement. The mask pack also uses collagen and hyaluronic acid. It is supposed to help to moisturize and firm the breasts.

It’s designed to be used over a period of time so using as a once off like I did is not going to show any results. You start off by using it every day for a week, then 2-3 times the next week and lastly once or twice a week for the next few weeks.

Wash your breasts and dry well
Remove the film from the pack and attach to the chest area (avoid the nipples)
Use for 1 hour every day
After removing, massage lightly

This was easy to use, you get two patches in each packet. They are made with a sticky hydrogel which you peel off the backing paper and then attach to your skin. The side that is not attached to your skin has a soft velvet feeling paper over it so that it is not sticky to the touch and you can put a t-shirt or robe on over the top.


I left them in for maybe just over an hour. They fit was average. I’m about a large C cup so maybe I’m a bit bigger than the intended users. However they stayed on well and were not uncomfortable at all. When it was time to remove them they were easily and painlessly peeled off. The skin felt cool and smooth. As I mentioned above one use is not going to show much so it was just meh for me. Also I don’t really feel the need for any breast enhancement  so it’s not something I would try again.

Retail price is 5,000 won.


Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack

The Foot Moisture Mask is one of two foot products by Kocostar. The other is a peeling pack which is one that removes the top layer of skin to reveal the soft new stuff underneath. This one is much more mild and is supposed to moisturize and sooth your feet in 20mins.

It has a lot of moisturizing, exfoliating and cleansing ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, lavender, willow bark, bergamot, rosemary leaf and chamomile.

You get two little bootie type socks. They come joined together at the ankle and you can just easily pull them apart down the perforated line or cut them if you really want to. I just tore them apart and it was fine.

Like the hand version of this mask pack they use a waterproof fabric that means the essence stays inside and the outside of the socks are not wet. This means that you can do things and even walk in them of you need to without making a mess.

Instructions are very simple, wash your feet prior to use. Slip the socks onto your feet and secure around the ankle with the sticky tab. You can wear them for 20mins or longer if you wish. The instructions even say you can sleep with them on.


Although you can walk on them they are a bit slippery due to the essence. You can wear slippers or socks over them if need be. After you remove them the essence can be tapped into the skin like you would with a sheet mask. I just wiped if off however as I couldn’t be bothered.

Overall I liked these and think they did a pretty good job. I just left them on for about 20 minutes and I could see that my feet were well moisturized when I removed them. Even the next day they still felt softer especially around the heels which are often really dry and hard for me.

These retail for 2,500 won


Kocostar Tomato Slice Mask

Slice masks are slightly different from regular facial sheet masks. Instead of one sheet (or two parts) you have shaped patches that you peel off a backing sheet and stick to your skin. Because they are not fitted to any specific area you can use them all over your body wherever you need some added moisture.

The fabric used is Tencel which is an eco-friendly material made from eucalyptus trees. It’s smooth, soft and supposedly good for sensitive skin. It’s also able to absorb moisture and essence well. You get two sheets with 6 slices on each so 12 in total.

This tomato version is for moisturizing and elasticity. It contains the main ingredient of tomato extract along with other ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera and allantoin. It does also have Butylene Glycol as the second listed ingredient which some people don’t like or are sensitive to.

To be honest I’m not such a huge fan of these. I think they look cool and are a great addition to the mask family but I just don’t have many instances where I would reach for them. I think they could be good for times when you have parts of your face that you can’t use a mask on but in general not something I would use often.

They have a slight fragrance but it’s more chemical or slightly alcohol smelling than tomatoes I thought. You can’t really notice it unless you really take the time to sniff it.


In terms of performance the little slices work okay. I found that where placed these hydrated my skin nicely. They stay on well and are covered in a nice light essence. There is a little extra essence so you can use that on the skin that is not covered by the patches Once you remove the slices there is a little dampness just like when you remove a sheet mask so you can just pat that into the skin.

Retail price is 2,500 won each and there are different varieties – Cucumber, Lemon, Tomato, Pineapple and Watermelon (also some new varieties have just come out so you can also try Banana, Apple, Aloe and Kiwifruit).


Kocostar Camellia Happy Mask    ♥♥MY FAVORITE PICK♥♥

Although this mask was provided to be by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes I also had some that I previously purchased. This meant that I could try it a couple of times before writing my review.

The main ingredient is Japanese Camellia oil (Bentisubaki or Red Camellia). The essence is made with camellia seed oil and camellia flower extract. Apparently ~The combination of herbal and natural extracts make this mask good for moisturizing and soothing the skin.

The mask sheet is supposed to stay moist for longer than other sheet masks and not dry on your skin. It’s a light pink color but this does not transfer to your skin at all. The color is supposed to make it look more natural on your face.

Along with the camellia extract and oil this mask contains ingredients such as glycerin, butylene glycol, propanediol, ethanol, betaine, arginine and aloe vera among others. So some good and some not so good.

I have to say I love, love, love the smell of this mask. It is one of those scents that really tickles my olfactory system. However it is strong and usually that would be an issue for me but in this case I don’t mind because to me is smells gorgeous. However everyone is different so it could be too much for some. They should bottle this and make it a body spray.

The fit is good but very wide. It’s the widest mask I have used. Usually masks end before they get to my ears but this one goes right to the edge. It has huge eye holes too. So if you are looking for a mask that has a bit bigger fit than average this might be a good option.


It stays moist for a good long while. When I removed it after about 40 minutes my skin was still slightly damp. I didn’t have much to pat in but there was a little needed just to ensure all the essence is absorbed. My skin felt very cool and refreshed after using this mask. It was also well hydrated and smooth. The fit made it a bit hard to use but other than that it is a good one and is my favourite of all the Kocostar masks that I have tried.

This mask retails for 3,000 won


Kocostar Tulip Flower Mask Sheet

This mask contains the main ingredient of tulip extract and is supposed to be moisturizing and soothing. Other ingredients include butylene glycol, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and various other extracts. You get two sheets of six patches so 12 in total.

It uses the same tencel fabric that the slice masks do. It’s made with an eco-friendly material made from eucalyptus trees and it is low-irritant so good for sensitive skin.

I have much of the same feelings about this one that I had for the tomato slice mask that I also reviewed here. These are masks that fit a specific purpose – like if you have some dry patches or parts of the face you don’t want to mask in. They can also be good if you are wanting to eat while using as full face masks don’t really allow for that. For me they are just not something that I would use very often.

They are fun and something a bit different but I will stick to full face masks for the most part. I do have more of these flower and slice masks to use up so I will continue to use them. You can of course use these patches anywhere on the body so that could appeal to people but for me I would rather use a cream or gel.


The patches stay on well. If you squeeze out the material that surrounds the patches you can get about a tablespoon of extra essence. I used this over the areas the patches didn’t cover. Overall I don’t feel like it did much; maybe slightly moisturizing but that’s about it.

These flower petal mask sheets come in three versions – Rose, Sunflower and Tulip. The retail price is 2,500 won.



This is an extra mask which I tried at the same time as I was trying all of these masks that were sent to me by the K-Beauty Expo. This is one that I purchased myself from Artbox.

Kocostar Ggongji Hair Pack

Kocostar have a few different hair packs. This one is designed for ponytails – Ggongji means ponytail in Korean. It is a pouch that you put over hair. It can be used on both wet or dry hair and there is no need to wash it out afterwards. It’s kind of like a leave-in conditioner. If you have short hair you can use the Home Salon Hair Pack.

This hair pack is designed to target the ends of your hair. It is supposed to rejuvenate dry damaged hair and has argan oil, olive oil and shea butter which nourish and protect your hair. It also contains concentrated proteins such as natto, silk proteins, and keratin, and collagen and amino acids. All of these ingredients help to regulate the pH balance of the hair, maintain moisture, repair damage and prevent breakage and static electricity.

The essence is a thick white formula that is inside the pouch. You pull open the top which is lightly sealed, turn the pouch inside out with your hand inside, grab the hair and pull it into the pouch while returning the pouch back the right way. Secure with the special rubber band provided. This is designed to lessen the contact with air which makes the treatment more intensive. You can massage the pouch to ensure that the essence is worked through all of the hair. Leave on for about 30 minutes and then dry and style as you wish.

Because you don’t have to rinse it out afterwards this is marketed as a product you can use anywhere, at the office, while exercising or at home. I thought it stayed in place really well.

I liked this hair pack. It smelled really nice and was relatively easy to use. I think it made my hair feel soft and it looks better than it did. I will have to get another one and do some before and after photos. Would definitely use again.

Online these have different packaging so I’m not sure if I have old packaging or new but the name is the same.

The retail price is 2,500 won and I can’t remember how much I paid but it was probably around that.

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