K-Beauty Expo – The Essence of Nature Sap Patches

Today I am reviewing something a bit different that is not beauty related per se but still health and wellness so I think it still fits in with beauty related content.


These are sap patches for your feet from a brand called The Essence of Nature which is from the company KJI Industrial. They were sent from the K-Beauty Expo and as you may remember, if you have seen my previous posts, I am working as a Beauty Editor for them this year. These products were provided to me for free for review purposes and as always the thoughts expressed here are my own honest opinions. The website has English, Korean, German and Spanish and Dutch.

There are six different varieties of sap patches and they all have slightly different properties. They are lavender, rose, forest, eucalyptus, bamboo and warm. They made through a special production process which includes burning trees in charcoal kilns then capturing and refrigerating the extracts that are released with the smoke. They also make natural liquids full of beneficial ingredients sourced from nature including the sap which is extracted from trees.

The idea behind these sap patches is to act kind of like aromatherapy/reflexology; they are supposed to help you relax, refresh and re-energize. They are recommended relief of tension in your feet so they are good for use after long periods of standing, after sports or hiking, wearing heels and such. I tried each of them for different times and more than once to really test them out.

According to the website the sap patches originated from traditional folk medicine. The feet have long been used for health and wellness as they are thought to be connected to all parts of the body. It also talks about how our feet show symptoms of stress like swollen legs and feet and because they are the main support for the body can build up wastes. Because this waste goes to your feet the soles are best for application of the sap patches. You can apply them on other areas but they recommend this is the best to experience the benefits. The energy of natural ingredients from trees and other resources can absorb toxic waste from the human body

It also goes on and say that the ingredients produce something called natural infrared rays (FIR) energy. Apparently this energy can improve blood circulation which is why you can have better sleep and improved well being and can feel light and refreshed. Not sure about all this but if you are curious please check out the website and do some research of your own. I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in to these naturopathy type things but that is my own opinion and there are many people who swear by it.

The Patches:

Lavender – Lavender is supposedly good for reliving fatigue, reducing tension and helping to relax and sleep well. This patch ‘may’ help enhance your sleep by lowering your blood pressure and relaxing your body and mind.

I don’t really know about all of that but I liked the smell of this one, it had a lovely sweet flowery aroma and well it can’t really hurt can it. If it helps my sleep even just a little bit then I would be happy with it but it’s a bit hard to tell.

Ingredients: Lavender oil, Tourmaline, Agaricus ,Wood vinegar, Eucalyptus oil, Mugwort extract, Loquat extract, Vitamin C, Chitosan, Pearl stone, Highly purified silica, Starch, Polyhydric alcohol.

Rose – This has Rose Oil which is apparently used for many things in aroma therapy. It’s supposed to be good for dry and aged skin (which makes sense as I see it in a lot of skincare here in Korea). They say it ‘may’ help to clear yoru mind and give confidence (I can see why that is an ambiguous claim). It also ‘may’ help to remove bad smells and it ‘may’ lead you to an energetic and pleasant life.

I really enjoyed the smell of this one but reading this it obviously does diddly squat. The vagueness really annoys me too.

 Ingredients: Rose oil, Tourmaline, Agaricus, Wood vinegar, Eucalyptus oil, Mugwort extract, Loquat extract, Vitamin C, Chitosan, Highly purified silica, Pearl stone, Starch, Polyhydric alcohol.

Forest  The Forest Patch is apparently full of natural ingredients and is like a natural forest bath (okaaay). Like the other patches it is supposed to absorb body waste and sweat. It also ‘may’ help promote the circulation of blood. It should be used on the feet but can also be used on other irritated areas  –  hands, joints , shoulders, waist, abdomen and chest etc.

This one was okay but nothing really stood out about it. I did not try it any other place than the feet.

Ingredients: Wood vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitosan, Pearl stone, Highly purified silica, Plyhydric alcohol, Starch, Mugwort extract.

Eucalyptus – This patch has Eucalyptus which can help reduce exhaustion, mental fatigue, stress and tension in the body. The sap patch ‘may’ help reduce body wastes by absorbing unnecessary moisture and sweat in the body. They recommend using this when you are tired and your feet are heavy.

These patches have a nice smell, I like eucalyptus type scents so I was looking forward to using this. I used it after I had a long day on my feet and they were feeling really sore. I don’t know if it did much but they did feel better the next morning. I would continue to use these ones.

Ingredients: Eucalyptus oil, Chitosan, Tourmaline, Wood vinegar, Highly purified silica, Loquat extract, Polysaccharide, Agaricus, Mugwort extract, Starch, Vitamin C, Microcapsule,warming pigment.

Bamboo – The Bamboo Sap Patch ‘may’ help promote the blood circulation, can have antibiotic properties and aid in detoxification..  It’ may’ help promote metabolism by making your body warm, assist the body’s recovery from fatigue, reduce a hangover, keep the balance of mind and body.

This one has a lot of claims but seems very similar to the Forest Patch. And like that one it was just okay, there was nothing to really make it stand out for me.

 Ingredients: Bamboo vinegar, Tourmaline, Chitosan, Pearl stone, Highly purified Silica, Polyhydric alcohol, Starch, Mugwort extract.

Warm –  The Warm Sap Patch has warming pigment in their patented microcapsules which produce a heating effect. You can apply to the soles of the feet or to other areas of the body. It ‘may’ help with circulation of the blood and if used for a long time ‘may’ help increase the normal temperature of your body. Therefore it is recommended for people who suffer from cold extremities year round.

I liked the Warm Patches, they did heat up a little and also when I took them off in the morning my feet continued to feel warm. Not sure if they did anything but they felt nice so I would continue to use them.

Ingredients: Microcapsule, Tourmaline, Agaricus, Eucalyptus oil, Mugwort extract, Loquat extract, Vitamin C, Chitosan, Starch, Polysaccharide.

They don’t actually come out and say that they will do what they claim although perhaps it is an issue with translation however I noticed on the website that they always say it ‘may’ do this or that. If I was looking at a skincare product and it said it ‘may moisturise the skin’ then I am going to be pretty dubious about it.

You get 10 patches (5 pairs) in each box. Inside the box the product comes in a sealed bag which is also re-sealable.

Inside this package you get 10 sticky patches and 10 aroma sachets. The aroma sachets are sealed again in little plastic covers which I am guessing helps to keep them fresh.

They recommend that you use these while sleeping. You can put some socks on over them to ensure that they don’t move when you are sleeping. They adhere quite well so I never had any problems with them moving when I used them overnight. I used some ankle socks most of the time but as it got a bit warmer it was a bit hot so I used them without the socks and they did not budge.

How to Use:

Use on clean feet

Take two stickers and two sachets from the packet

Remove the sachets from their plastic wraps

Peel off the middle part of the sticker and then place the sachet length-wise down the middle and press firmly, you should attach the sachet shiny side down

Peel of the top and bottom remaining strips and then attach to the sole of your foot placing the sachet part in the middle of your foot (you can also use on other parts of the body if need be)

Repeat for the other foot

After removal you should wash your feet as they will have residue on them

If you wear them for a long time like over night when you remove them the sachets will be all gross, wet and brown. It seems like this is all the bad stuff that has been pulled out of your body and maybe that is what they want you to think but alas I just don’t really buy it. On the website they have descriptions for each of the patches and most of them say they absorb body wastes and sweat, which makes you feel lively and refreshed. I’m pretty sure all the brown goo is only the aroma powder and its reaction to your body chemicals and sweat. Perhaps I’m wrong but it seems a bit too much for me to really be convinced of.

Overall to be honest I don’t feel like they did a whole lot for me. On the other hand I did like the scents of them all especially the rose, lavender and eucalyptus. I don’t know if they helped me sleep any better. It’s kind of hard to judge as my sleeping patterns are pretty screwed up anyway. I did not dislike them and I enjoyed using them but I don’t think it’s something I would purchase myself. However it’s always good to try these things and if you spend a lot of time on your feet then it might be something worth looking into.

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