K-Beauty Expo – BoLCA+ Anti-Wrinkle Mask

I was sent two of these masks from BoLCA+ by the K-Beauty Expo to try out and review. These were very interesting as the line of skincare made by BoLCA+ has an ingredient similar to Botox in it.

The BoLCA+ range of products contains the world’s first Botullinum derived cosmetic ingredient which is registered in ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary). Methionyl r-Clostridium Botulinum Polypeptide-1 Hexapeptide-40 is a recombinant protein derived from Botulinum Toxin which of course is where you also get Botox from. It has been clinically tested and proved to be safe and effective for anti-aging. According to the company, with continued use the BoLCA+ products can make wrinkles softer and less noticeable.  They also have a serum and cream in their range.

If you are interested to learn more you can go to the website here as they have lots of information in English.

The masks that I tried are their Anti-Wrinkle Mask. On their website these masks retail for 40,000 won for a set of 4. The masks are 25 ml each. This makes them on the higher end of the price range for masks but that will be due to the special ingredients.

I have included a picture of the ingredients below so you can check them out for yourself.bolcaantiwrikleThe mask sheet is made of a thin cotton type material. It’s very soft and a little flimsy so was harder to unwrap. It was also easily frayed when I picked it with my fingernails  trying to get hold of the edges to unwrap it.

The actual fit of the mask, once I got it on, was pretty good. It had large eye holes and was wide enough to go right to the edges of my face. The strip under the nose was quite thin so this was good for me as I hate it when they go over my top lip.

As you can see in the photo below it fit very smoothly over my face. It adhered well and stayed in place the whole time I was wearing it and while taking photos and such.


The essence has a slightly herbal/medicinal smell; it wasn’t not bad or anything and it’s not that noticeable once you get it on. The mask was soaked in the essence but there was very little left in the packet.

I left the mask on for around 20 minutes. I was a bit worried it was making my face feel itchy so I didn’t risk it any longer. I ended up with some redness but I used it once before and I don’t remember having a problem. It could have reacted to something already on my skin or perhaps I left it on for a shorter time last time.

This is what the skin on my forehead and cheeks looked like afterwards.


Despite this I  did think that the mask seemed to do some good things for my wrinkles. I have two deep lines across my forehead and they look a little less severe than they usually do so that is always nice.

I probably wouldn’t use it again due to the redness. I’m not usually sensitive to things but every now and again I find a mask that  does not agree with my skin. In this case it did not last too long and my skin was back to normal by the morning.

2 thoughts on “K-Beauty Expo – BoLCA+ Anti-Wrinkle Mask

    1. Yeah it didn’t hurt or anything. Maybe a bit tingling at the end of wearing it. It’s not the first time I’ve had a reaction to a mask. It did not last very long and was all gone by morning.


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