K-Beauty Expo – Mail June 2017

The Beauty Editors for the 2017 K-Beauty Expo recently got a few big mail packages so I wanted to post it here and show you guys what I am currently using and what my next reviews will be on.

All of these items were provided to me for free for review purposes. I am very thankful to be able to try all these products and want to give a big thanks to the K-Beauty Expo. Remember that the Expo in Korea will be held in October from the 12th to the 15th so if you are living in Korea or planning a visit make sure you pencil it in.

First up is the package that I got a while back in mid June. I am partially through this one at the moment. I have some reviews up now and will be finishing the last ones very soon so keep an eye out on my Instagram for those. My reviews sometimes take a bit longer as I really like to make sure I use things more than once and do all my research before I publish my full review.

Some of the pictures of these are from the websites as I have not had a chance to edit all of mine yet.

The first products from this first package are from Kiss New York and are three hair styling products, a hairdryer, hair straighteners and a curling iron. I was very excited to try these out as I don’t really use anything at the moment. If you follow my Instagram stories you will see my adventures trying out all of these and my first impressions.

Kiss New York InstaAir 360 a hairdryer with a negative ionic effect, it has an automatic rotating air booster and is designed to protect your hair from spot heat damage.

Kiss New York InstaMagic hair straighteners which have double silicone bar technology and ceramic ionic coating technology. These have a wide range of temperature controls from 120°C to 230°C.

Kiss New York InstaWave curling iron which is an automated rotating curling system. It uses ceramic ionic coating technology, has adjustable temperature and a beep sound to let you know when to release the curl.

Also in this package were some masks from three different brands.

First up from ShineK-II are three masks and I got three of each which is great as it gives me a chance to really try them out and see what I think. These are dual step masks so they all have 2 or three steps and include creams and essences.

Then from H.Lab we got 5 of their Black Truffle Aqua Masks. I already have a review up of these on my Instagram so be sure to check that out.


And lastly in this package was a box of the V-Up Patches from Labottach. These are designed to help tighten up the skin around the chin and neck.


The second package I got was at the end of June and was full of skincare items. It was the biggest package that we have received so far. I’m very excited to try out many of the items in this one as they are brands that have been on my wish list for ages.


First up in this package was these lovely looking products from Thank You Farmer. I have been checking out this brand for a while but have not had a chance to try anything yet. This is a great range to test out and I am looking forward to them all.

This is a list of products and some information on each of the from the Thank You Farmer website.

Dual Premium Cotton Pad – Dual cotton caring for dead skin cells & skin at a time only with a piece of cotton.

Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence – A pink shimmer sun essence that enhances the clear radiance and glow of skin as the clarity of a spring that shines under the sun. A smooth texture that is filled with moisture and applies smoothly. Contains natural extracts such as African Walnut oil, hollyhock extracts, and lotus water.

True Water Deep Serum – A deep moisturizing serum with a unique slippery texture that hydrates dry, tired skin as the morning dew dampens the soil.

Miracle Age Repair Cream – A rich concentrated nourishing cream that gives vitality and nourishment to the skin so your skin does not collapse with the flow of time. A double function cream, rich and firm to help with resilience, brings nourishment to rough and lifeless skin and covers the skin with a nourishing coat of protection.

Back to Iceland Cleansing Water – Cleansing Water with Iceland Moss Extracts clears skin residue without tightness or dryness. Remove makeup, sebum and cares for pores. Maintain hydration with soothing and moisturizing ingredients.

Back to Iceland Peeling Cream – Moist peeling Cream with Iceland Moss Extract 48%, BHA and PHA for removing dead skin cells and exfoliation. New concept effective balm type texture.


Next up is from the brand Kicho. This is the Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++ and the packaging is simple but so pretty and luxe looking.

On the website it says that this sun cream features rapid absorption and long persistence. They say that they have made this sun cream to deal with many issues that traditional sun creams have like white cast, stickiness, strange scent and not blending with your makeup. It has phyto-ingredients for hydration and a fresh herbal scent. This makes it great for daily use. It also has natural fermenting yeast ingredient which protects the skin from fine dust.

They also thought about the packaging and because it is designed for daily use they added a pump nozzle for ease of use.


This is from Soo of the Nature and is from their Spirulina Repair Line. This one is the Repair Eye Cream.

Soo of the Nature is made with safe natural ingredients. Their aim is to provide safer natural products for people of all ages including pregnant women.

According to the website the main ingredient in this eye cream is Spirulina which is a powerful anti-oxident. It helps take care of wrinkles around the eyes and enhances skin elasticity. It also has jojoba oil and angelica gigas root extract which fill up the wrinkles and protect the sensitive skin. There are lots of vitamins and minerals for nourishment and it has a soft sherbet texture so it can be easily absorbed from the sensitive area around the eyes.

It does have some whitening ingredients in it such as niacinamide, cnidium officinale root extract and galactomyces ferment filtrate to help brighten the skin around the eyes.


Next are two products from 9Wishes. First up is the Rice Powder Polish with micro ground rice powder. This is a gentle exfoliating cleanser which releases dead skin cells while moisturizing, brightening and softening the skin.

The second product is the Vanishing Balm which is one of their most popular products. This one is an advanced tone up enhancer which brightens skin tone naturally, minimizes fine lines and pores. The rich anti-oxidant formula provides hydration leaving your skin smooth and healthy all day long.


The items here are from CP-1 which are a brand that deals with haircare. They have some really interesting products at very affordable prices.

The first one is a set of four and is the Premium Silk Ampoule for Dry and Damaged hair. From what I gather from the website which is all in Korean I believe that this is an after shower one. So you wash your hair normally then towel dry and then put this treatment in. I think you can blow dry it after that.

The second product is the one that looks like a giant injection. This is the Premium Hair Treatment – Ceramide treatment Protein repair system. This one seems to be one that you leave in for 10 minutes and then wash out. So more like a deep conditioner.

My hair could really use some help. It is so dry and frizzy that I am really looking forward to seeing if these will help.


Some beautiful masks from Oka. This is a new brand on the block. They have two branches for their products ‘Oka Recipe’ which are their sheet masks and ‘Oka Palette’ which will be their cosmetic range.

According to the website Oka comes from the Korean word ‘orkka’ which is an exclamation that means ‘Here it comes’. Oka masks all specialize in a specific ingredients for different skin concerns. They aim to be very easy to understand with fun names and art that make choosing the right mask for your skin effortless.

They also want to be inclusive of men and kids so they have masks named ‘Cool Guy’ and ‘Shiny Kid’ the emphasis is that everyone can enjoy these masks.

I really like their ascetic and they look like very interesting masks so I am excited to try them all.

The list of masks in this bundle:

Boosting Moisture Up – Moisturizing Maskpack

Diet My Freckles – Anti Freckle

Buckle Up the Pore – Pore Care

Pump the Brightening Up – Whitening

Cheers to Anti Wrinkle – Wrinkle Care

Stay Cool – Cool Guy

Filling with Pure Honey – Shiny Kid


Last by not least is this machine is from Vanav which is the Clean & Cover Fit for Perfect Make-up & Perfect Cleansing.

This clever little device has two different brush heads which are interchangeable. One is a soft dense foundation brush and one is a soft cleansing brush.

The device runs on three AAA batteries and this kit came with six so you can start using it straight away.

It has three vibration settings of Low, Medium and High and is super simple to use. The brush heads just twist on and off and there is one power button to turn it on. Then you just press it more times to change the intensity and hold it down to turn off.

I have not used any of these types of cleansing brush so I am excited to try it out. I’m also curious to try the makeup brush. I don’t see it being something I would use all the time but I am very interested to see how it performs.

So that is it for the June mail from the K-Beauty Expo and as always I am very grateful to be able to receive these products. I am not posting these things to show off but rather for information purposes to show people some interesting products from vendors that will be attending at the K-Beauty Expo.  Keep an eye out here and on my Instagram if you are interested in hearing my thoughts and opinions on all of these as I will be using them and reviewing them openly and honestly.

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