Masking – Tony Moly I’m Real Seaweeds Mask Sheet (Skin Purifying)

This seaweed mask from Tony Moly is from their popular and fun looking ‘I’m Real’ line. There are a range of different versions in bright and colorful packaging which makes them stand out from the crowd. I’ve used some of these masks in the past but it was a while ago so I couldn’t remember if I liked them at all. I had this one in my stash so I decided it would be a good time to try it out.

These masks usually retail for about 1,000 won. You can often get them on special for less too so they fall  in the low cost range of sheet masks.

It is supposed to make ‘your skin look bright and radiant with freshness of the sea’. There are a lot of seaweed masks out there and some of them are actually made of real kelp rather than the traditional mask sheet. Tony Moly does have one of those but this mask is  traditional mask sheet.

This mask is made of a stiff rayon type material, it’s supposed to have three layers of pulp which helps with essence absorption and adhesion to the skin. It’s cut around the edges to fit the face but I still had problems with it. One of my pet hates, as you may know, is when the strip under the nose is too wide so straight away it lost points. I found that it fit okay but just had places where it wouldn’t sit flush with the face. This meant it was not comfortable to wear and it got worse the longer I wore it.


It also had a scent; it’s one of those traditional mask scents so kind of floral and definitely artificial. I could also smell it the whole time it was on and although it didn’t bother me at first the longer I had it on the more it did.

Below is a picture of the ingredients list from the packet. There was nothing particularly exciting in there and the seaweed is only the 10th item in the list – Fucus Vesiculosus.

Overall this mask just wasn’t that great for me. My skin was a bit blotchy after using it too. It’s pretty uncommon for me to react to skincare although it has happened a couple of times before with masks, still have not narrowed down the ingredient/s which is responsible yet. It was not particularly bad or noticeable so I was not too worried about it.

Once I took the mask off my skin was still slightly damp so I patted it dry. My skin doesn’t feel that different however so while the mask might have done some good unfortunately it’s just not really noticeable. I don’t think I will be buying any more of these but I do have some other flavors in my stash so I will try those out at a later date.

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