K-Beauty Expo – H.Lab Black Truffle Aqua Mask

I was sent five of these H.Lab Black Truffle Aqua Masks by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes.


This mask sheet is made of a soft and extremely thin material. It is 100% cupra which is   a fiber that comes from the cotton plant as part of the process of making cotton. It’s related to Tencel which is another popular sheet mask material and is know for being low irritant, anti static and breathable.

The mask has 10,000ppm of Black Truffle which helps with brightening, moisturizing, and providing nutrients to the skin. The mask is also supposed to help with elasticity, vitality, restoration of vitamins to the skin.

Below is a picture of the ingredient list from the back of the mask packet.

H.Lab Black Truffle Mask Ingredients
The essence is very nice and of a light to medium thickness. It has a pleasant smell which is not particularly noticeable unless you really take the time to sniff it. There is a good amount of essence. The mask is soaked in it and then there is about a tablespoon left over in the packet.

The fit of these masks is very good. I had no complaints there. It’s very thin and easy to use and to mold to the face. The eye holes are a decent size and the strip under the nose is not uncomfortably wide. These are the two main things that bug me the most in sheet masks so this one was quite a good one for me.

After using this mask my skin felt very hydrated and nourished. When I removed the mask my face was still slightly damp even after wearing it for about 30 to 40 minutes. A bit of patting the skin and it was mostly gone. It didn’t absorb completely and left my face just ever so slightly tacky. It was not bad or anything but just worth mentioning. It did absorb later it just took about half an hour or so. I use masks at night so if they don’t absorb right away it’s not to bad for me. I would not use this in the morning unless I had a good while to wait before I was doing my makeup.

I had five of these masks and have used four so far. I liked it enough to keep using it and would purchase again if I saw it. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to find it but if I saw it I would buy it as it is a nice mask.

You can find more information and purchase these masks from the website http://www.h-labkorea.com. The retail price is 3,000 won.

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