K-Beauty Expo – Three Shine K-II Sheet Masks

Today I am going through three mask packs from Shine K-II (샤인케이투). These were all published individually on my Instagram a while back but I just wanted to put them them all here together also.


These were all sent to me by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The three masks packs are the Moisture Purifying 3 Step Mask Pack, the Honey with Nature 2 Step Mask Pack and the Reactivate To Shine 3 Step Mask Pack.

These mask packs are from JBM/MLS a leading professional OEM/ODM company. This means they manufacture cosmetics and skincare for other brands in the industry. Shine K-II however is their own brand.  The website is www.shinek.co.kr but I couldn’t find these masks listed there yet so they may be new. The information we received with them puts the price at 4,000 won each and of course they will be at the K-Beauty Expo at Kintex in a few weeks.


Shine K-II Moisture Purifying 3 Step Mask Pack

The Moisture Purifying Mask Pack is a three step masking experience and includes Step 1. Moisture Purifying Essence, Step 2. Moisture Purifying Mask and Step 3. Moisture Purifying Cream. I like these types of skincare systems every now and again as they can be nice for a bit of extra pampering and they are also ideal for travel.

Step 1. The essence is a pleasant light clear gel. It is a moisturizing essence that hydrates the skin so it contains ingredients like beta glucan and cerimide. It also helps with wrinkle care so it contains adenosine for that.

I think this was my favorite step. The essence had little-to-no smell and it was nice and light. There was plenty to cover my face and neck.

Step 2. Is the moisturizing mask. It contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, trehalose and squalane. It also has adenosine which helps moisturize rough skin and is good for wrinkles. Unfortunately this product also includes added fragrance which I did not like. It smelled like the artificial fragrance you get in fly spray.

The mask itself is a thin thin sheet and it stayed on well but I found it had a poor fit. It had small eye holes, was narrow for my round face and then had too much material around the chin area. Obviously this just means that it did not fit my particular face shape. If you have a narrower face it would probably be fine.


The essence from the mask was okay other than the smell. The mask was soaked in it and there was about half a teaspoon left over in the packet. It left my face feeling moisturized and looking brighter. Once I removed the mask after about 30 minutes my face was still quite damp so there was a lot to pat in and it took a bit of time for it to absorb. I gave it about 10 minutes before moving onto the cream as I was in no hurry.

Step 3. The cream is the last step. It contains trehalose, meadow foam seed oil, shea butter and adenosine. This cream has a medium thickness and was not too heavy. There was plenty in the packet and more than enough for my face and neck.

I found that the cream stayed on the skin slightly and did not absorb fully so it felt more like a sleeping pack. I would definitely only use this at night because of that. The cream had a lighter but similar scent to the mask which as I mentioned I did not like.

Overall it was not a bad mask and had some good results but I personally would not use again due to the smell and fit of the mask part.

Shine K-II Honey With Nature 2 Step Mask

Another multi-step mask from Shine K-II. This time it is a bit more simple as it is only two steps rather than three.

Step 1 is a Honey Eye Serum and Step 2 is a Shea Butter and Honey Mask. I liked this one but I thought that it could easily been three steps. The reason for this was that there was a lot of eye serum. You could have had less of that and included a cream perhaps.

Step 1. The serum is a light liquid of medium thickness. It feels like very thin watery honey might feel. There is plenty of it; enough to put on your whole face and neck so I’m not sure why it is called an eye serum.

It has 250ppm of honey extract, panthenol for skin elasticity and adenosine for wrinkle care. It has a faint sweet honey scent. The serum feels slightly tacky on your face but as you are putting the mask in afterwards it doesn’t really matter.

Step 2. This mask is moisturizing for rough and dry skin and is supposed to form a moisture barrier to protect your skin. It contains trehalose, shea butter (100ppm) and honey extract (50ppm) for moisturizing and like the serum also has adenosine for wrinkle care.

It has a sweet honey scent similar to the essence. It’s a very light and pleasant scent, not overpowering at all and as it is a honey I liked it a lot.

The sheet mask was very thin and stayed on my face well. I had some of the same fit issues as with the last one. There was more material around the chin area than I needed. It also had a thick strip under the nose which I don’t care for. That being said it was not uncomfortable to wear, it’s so thin which makes it easy to fold up to fit your face.


I left this mask on for around 40 minutes After I removed the mask my face was still a bit damp so I patted in the excess. It absorbed well and my face was left clear and feeling very moisturized and smooth. I can see that my fine lines are plumped up which reduces their appearance and some redness I had is also diminished. Honey is good for soothing so that makes sense.

Overall this mask set was quite good and I am happy with the results. I would certainly use it again. I’m very partial to honey products as I love love love honey so I was happy this one lived up to it.

Shine K-II Reactivate To Shine 3 Step Mask Pack

This is the third and final of the Shine K-II mask sets that I was sent to try out and review. So far I have had one I liked and one I didn’t so let’s see how this one fairs.

This one is another three step program. Step 1 is an Illuminating Foam Cleanser, Step 2 is an Illuminating Soothing Essence and Step 3 is the Illuminating Water Light Black Mask.

Step 1. The foam is a nice, gentle and light cleanser. It contains papaya extract to help soften the skin and sodium hyaluronate for moisturizing. All of the steps also include Jeju Sea Water in them to which is supposed to be high in nutrients.

There was plenty to use and it cleaned my face well. My face felt clean but not stripped or ‘squeaky clean’ after using it. I really enjoyed the scent of this. It reminds me of the original L’eau d’Issey perfume but not as strong.

Step 2. The essence was also nice. It is a light, clear gel. It had a little more substance to it than the Honey serum from the last set. This essence is to help combat wrinkles so contains adenosine along with vitamins that nourish the skin and maintain moisture.

There was plenty of it again also so there was no problem covering my face and neck. It absorbed very quickly and made my skin feel very smooth. It has a similar scent to the cleanser but a bit milder.

Step 3. The mask part is the final step and it was good. It was a black mask so the material is thicker than the previously two masks I have tried from Shine K-II. This mask came covered in a slightly thick type gel essence and there was not much left over in the packet because it clung to the mask.

This mask contains methylpropanediol which doesn’t do much itself but helps all the other ingredients to penetrate the skin, niacinamide which is great for smoothing and brightening the skin and sodium hyaluronate again for moisturizing.

The fit of the mask was okay, there were a few places where I had to bunch it up but that is normal as it’s hard to find a mask that fits your face shape perfectly. This mask has the eye holes still attached which I don’t really like but it did have a thin piece under the nose which was a nice change. It stayed on well and was quite comfortable.


It had a similar scent to the two products and I really like this scent. I think the foam cleanser had the strongest scent but even that was not really overwhelming or anything.

When I removed the mask my face was a little damp but not too much. I left it on for quite a while and it was almost an hour or so. Luckily it hadn’t dried out completely which was nice. My face felt nice and hydrated and plump. Couldn’t really see much brightening but my skin felt smooth and I think it did a good job.

Overall I liked this whole set. It would be good for travel as it has the cleanser in it so it is very convenient. I would definitely use it again.

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