K-Beauty Expo – Mail August 2017

I received another big mail package in August so I thought I would go through everything here and show you some of the goodies that will be on show at the Expo in October. Some of these I have already reviewed on Instagram so be sure to check in there if you haven’t already.

If you want to know more about the Expo please check out the official website at www.k-beautyexpo.co.kr. They have both a Korean and an English version available.

Okay so let’s get onto the contents of the August box:


First up are these lovely masks from Helloskin. These are their Jumiso range and I love the packaging on them. The colors are striking and the cartoons are super cute. I know I would be drawn to them if I saw them in store.

The Jumiso masks are made of 100% cupra material which is supposed to be low irritant and improve adhesion to the skin.

These came in a set of five which includes the following separated by the color of the packet.

White – First Skin Lightening Mask which contains salmon roe rich in Vitamin E and A.

Black – Whoa Whoa Soothing Mask which has Manuaka Honey and Beta Glucan.

Grey – Water Splash Mask with Marine complex and Shea Butter.

Pink – Rich Nourishment mask which has Korean herbal ingredients and black ginseng extract.

Red – Chewy Elasticity Mask which has collagen rich eggshell membrane and adenosine.


Next up are some skincare products from a brand called Dr.Deep.

Dr.Deep products are designed for sensitive skin and they have many products designed to help with skin concerns such as eczema and photo sensitivity. I haven’t tried anything from this brand before so I am very interested to test it all out.

The four skincare products I was sent are:

Dr.Deep Acpa Cleansing Foam – This is to help remove blackheads and white heads and clean out your pores to make your face clean. It contains natural ingredients such as camella sinesis Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Gel and Rosemary Extract.

Dr.Deep Acer Mono Sap Essential Skin – This is like a hydrating toner. It says it is made with maple tree sap to hydrate and nourish the skin. It has other herbal and fruit extracts for soothing and calming and beta glucan for elasticity.

Dr.Deep Propolis Synergy Serum -It has 70% propolis and it is supposed to enhance skin elasticity, soften the skin and relieve irritations.

Dr.Deep Aloe Soothing Gel – This has lots of nourishing and soothing ingredients such as 46% Aloe Juice from Jeju. It also has fermented grain, lavender, chamomile and Ceramide NP.


Some more sheet masks, this time from the brand Mimiang. These came in a box set of 5 masks and the set is called the Mimiang Skull & Animal Mask. Mimiang aims to make safe and fun products to help people feel more beautiful.

The packaging on these is super cute. Lots of bright colors and cute pictures. That is always a good way to make them stand out in a crowd.

These are the five masks along with a bit of information taken from their brochure.

Rose Skull Mineral Mask – Infused with Rose essential oil. Greenol plant complex, Deep Sea Water and NMF. This complex adds much needed hydration and moisture to dry dehydrated skin.

Sweet Skull Whitening Mask – Niacinamide and Sodium Hyaluronate ingredients brighten skin and helps to even skin tone.

Animal Pig Collagen Mask – Feel your skin become plump and elastic like ‘moisture jelly’! Hydrolyzed collagen provides moisture and leaves your skin feeling bouncy like jelly.

Animal Mayu Wrinkle Mask – Horse Oil moisturizes and repairs dry, rough and uneven skin and prevents moisture loss and Adenosine and other nourishment will help to improve the appearance of lines.

Animal Seal Aqua Mask – Deep Sea water extract is full of nutrients and minerals to hydreate and promote skin elasticity and NMF helps to maintain skin’s moisture balance.


Some products from a brand called Pams are next. The company has a few different lines under different names but all the ones here are from their Pams line. You can find these online at pamsshop.co.kr

First up in the big box are the Pams Terra Vita Morocco Atlas Volcanic Mineral Powder. Inside are six individually little pods and a spoon for mixing. The pods have a brown mineral powder in them. You add water then put on your skin and use like a wash off mask.

Then is the Pams Water Drop Blue Solution 3 in 1 Ampoule Gel Cream. This looks like a nice light gel and it is actually blue in color too so that is fun. It has camomile and lots of blue colored botanicals such as lavender, borage, cornflower, hyacinth and clary sage.

The small box with the vials is the Pams Professional Derma Fluid. We got a selection of different vials including a peptide  fluid, purifying fluid, brightening fluid and a moisturizing fluid. Each vial has 2ml and they seem to be one-use ampoules.

Lastly are the Skinalle No Gravity Lifting Mask whuch come in a box of 5. These are supposed to be lifting, brightening and moisturizing. Ingredients includes hydrolyzed collagen, centella asiatica extract, human oligopeptide-1, amino acids and adenosine.


This time around we also received something a bit different these cute Nail Art Stickers from The Namie.

The Namie is a brand that specializes in Nail Art design. They have a range of different stick-on type pieces for Nail Art. They are available in many places including Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and South East Asia.

They have a range of different types of full nail patches that cover your whole nail and also some decorative stickers including – water decal, 3D decoration, glass film, jewel, stencil and spangle and velvet.

I was sent three types Jewel Sticker, 3D Sticker and Lace Sticker.  The first two are decoration stickers and the lace ones are the patches that cover your full nail. They also have how-to videos on their website so be sure to check them out on http://www.thenamie.com.


Lastly from this box of K-Beauty Expo goods was the Espesso Plus Hair Color Treatment. I got these in the colors Milk Brown and Violet. We were able to choose two colors so that was nice.

These temporary hair treatment colors are very popular in Korea right now. There are countless brands putting out their own versions. There are many different fun colors but also normal hair colors too.

For the brown color I wanted something I could use between permanent dyes. I dye my hair and often leave it a while between dye jobs. Then I also chose the violet one just for fun.

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