What’s New at Shangpree Spa!

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to be able to visit Shangpree Spa in Seoul. They invited me along to try out their new range of modeling masks. I had previously visited once before which was my first time at a spa. You can read all about that experience in my post – Beginners Guide to the Spa.

Shangpree is a well renowned spa and brand that has been constantly securing multiple awards both nationally and around the world for several years now. Shangpree staff are held to a high standard; estheticians are trained for at least three years before working on clients. Even after their rigorous training they continue to receive on-going professional development to ensure customers are always getting top quality treatment in the latest techniques.


So as I mentioned the reason for my visit was to try their new modeling masks. They already have some very nice ones that you may be familiar with. The Premium Modeling Masks have been on the market for a while and come in Gold, Sliver, Black and Green versions. To use them you mix an active collagen powder and a gel together.

The new products are called Premium Ampoule Modeling Masks and come in three varieties – Gold, Diamond and Black Pearl. These new masks are the result of continued development by Shangpree to make a more effective product. Shangpree is always looking for how they can better serve their customers with the latest in skincare advances. The new modelling masks still use two packets that you mix together however, the new ones have an ampoule packet which replaces the powder one.

The ampoule is infused with natural nourishing oils such as jojoba oil and macadamia oil. The new masks are the perfect blend of intense moisture and nourishing oil. They contain over 20 botanical ingredients blended for specific concerns. The masks also have anti-pollution and detoxifying benefits from the chitosan, propolis and alginate. Each of the masks has a different ampoule – the Gold Mask has the Absolute Nourishing Ampoule, the Diamond Mask has the Absolute Floral Ampoule and the Black Pearl Mask has the Absolute Purifying Ampoule.

I was able to trial two of their three masks at the spa on this visit. I tried the Black Pearl Premium Ampoule Modeling Mask which is formulated with Black Pearl, Active Charcoal, Witch Hazel and 20 other botanicals. It is for purifying, pore refining and refreshing. And then the second mask was the Gold Premium Ampoule Modeling Mask which is formulated with Gold, Adenosine, Sang-Hwang Mushroom and 20 other botanicals. This one is for youth activating, nourishing and revitalizing.

I have been having some bad skin days recently with a bout of cystic acne. Probably my own fault due to diet. They were excellent about assessing my skin on the spot and asking some questions to determine what was going on. Then they adapted the treatment to help target my issues.

First off they applied the Black Pearl mask for it’s purifying properties. I was really surprised at how light the mask was. It was surprisingly comfortable to wear; I hardly even noticed I had anything on. It felt cooling while on and was never uncomfortable at all. I could easily talk while wearing it.

DSC00485 Edit LR

Because of my skin issues I ended up receiving a treatment more akin to their S-Power treatment. This is where they use two different types of modeling masks and two ampoules chosen by the esthetician to suit your skin type and needs. This is a similar but amped up version of the S-Energy treatment that I received last time which consists of one modeling mask and one ampoule.

The ampoule treatments felt wonderful; the esthetician has the lightest touch and is extremely skilled at what she does. She had actually just won top awards at the latest national competition so I was in excellent hands. The ampoules that she used were specifically chosen to help with my skin concerns which of course was mainly the cystic acne.

Lastly they followed it up with the gold version of the new modeling mask which is for nourishing. This was another really nice mask. It was quick to mix and she did it right there in front of me. You add the ampoule first and then the gel and mix together in the mixing bowl. Very easy and no fuss. The mask felt light on the skin just like the previous one. After it was removed my skin felt hydrated, cool and smooth. I think my skin really needed that extra boost of moisture.

DSC00500 Edit LR

After the full treatment my face was so clean and hydrated, it also felt very smooth and looked brighter. I was very pleased with the results. I’m also happy to report that my cystic acne has since cleared up and while I know this was not some magical treatment I do think that it really helped to clean everything out and get it on the road to recovery.

Everything was extremely relaxing; they certainly take good care of you. I get a bit nervous about things like this but they soon put me at ease. I also received a foot and leg massage and a shoulder massage too. I can’t believe how strong those girls are; they look so tiny but their fingers are like steel.

The spa itself is well maintained and tranquil. The rooms are small but lovely. They have lots of different types of rooms for different types of treatments. I was able to pop my head in a few of them on the way out as I was there late so they were all empty.

Shangpree also provided me with a goodie bag to take away. This included a box of the new Premium Ampoule Black Pearl Masks so I can try it some more at home too. Then two of their newer versions of their Eye Masks – Marine Energy and Berry Ginseng. I love these type of eye masks because they are so easy to use. And lastly they also gifted me with their SOS Balancing Cream which was specially curated for me due to my skin concerns.

Of course one of the wonderful things about Shangpree is they also sell their products for home use. This means that if you can’t make it to the spa in Korea you can still get some of the benefits right in your own home.  Shangpree products are available in Department Stores around the world such as Shinsegae, Macy’s, Barney;s. Harvey Nichols and Harrods. It’s also available in Duty Free and on TV Shopping in Korea.

I want to say a big thanks to Kay who was kind enough to sit with me and talk about all the processes. I learned a lot about Shangpree and their products. And also a big thanks and to the whole Shangpree team who looked after me so well. I had a wonderful time and I wish I lived closer so I could go more often. I honestly enjoyed the whole experience.

They don’t advertise their prices anywhere but be assured they do have a range of different prices to suit your means. These range from the extremely VIP treatments right down to more affordable facials. You do need to make an appointment (they don’t take walk-ins) and this is when you can talk to them about pricing. Shangpree spas are women only and are only open Monday to Friday. You can email them at appointment@shangpree.com for more information or check out the website here.

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    1. Yeah I’m really excited to to try that one. I love those types of eye masks and I tend to use them more than full masks because they are not so intrusive. I have the same feeling, I’m glad I had this opportunity to check out the spa as I get very nervous doing things like that and would probably never do it myself. Now I know what to expect I am a little less nervous and that is why I did the last blog post I did on the Beginners Guide so that if anyone was in my shoes hopefully it would ease their mind a bit.

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