20 for 20,0000 won or less – K-Beauty Stocking Stuffers for 2017

Last year I did a list like this but it was rather late so I thought I would try and get it up a bit earlier this year. Of course that never works out and it’s about the same time as last year now that I am actually posting this. It was also supposed to be 20 under 20,000 won but a few came in at 20,000 won so I had to amend it.

Hopefully this will give you ideas for some interesting Korean beauty items to gift to your friends and family this year.

You can also find the 2016 list here – many of the items are still available and if it’s on that list then I won’t repeat it here.

20 for 20,000 won or less –  K-Beauty Stocking Stuffers


1 – Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Pocket Lip Balm – 5,900 won

To be honest the whole Panda’s Dream line is adorable and would make great stocking stuffers but this one is extra adorable and small so it makes the list this year.



2 – The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tint – 4,500 won, Mousse Candy Tint and Jelly Candy Tint – 6,000 won

These gorgeous tints come wrapped in candy packaging. There are three finishes available – Water, Jelly and Mousse. There are five colors in the water and jelly and ten in the mousse as they just added 5 new colors.



3 – SNP Animal Warming Eye Mask – 3,000 won

Relax and unwind after the busy holiday season with these warming eye masks. They heat up to a nice warm temperature so are relaxing and cozy. The tiger one is lavender scented and the panda one is unscented.


4 – Etude House Ice Cream Dear Darling Water Gel Lip Tints – 5,000 won

These cute little tints come in Ice Block shaped packaging. There are ten shades available so far.

etude house ice cream


5 – Candy O’ Lady Tint Ade – 13,000 won

This year was the year of the cute lip tint packaging and these new ones are no exception, they come in sweet little light bulb shaped containers. There are three shades – Cali Rose, Mai Tai and Rob Roy. The brand I Am Fox also has some but they may be harder to find outside of Korea.


6 – Labiotte Momentique Time Shadow– 18,000 won

Labiotte is Tony Moly sister brand and whereas Tony Moly does cute well Labiotte exceeds at stylish.  Their new Momentique line is gorgeous and sophisticated and these time shadow trios are definitely on my wish list this year.



7 – The Face Shop Hoodie Ryan Collection – 9,000~20,000 won

Ryan is one of the Kakao Friends characters from the popular Korean messaging App Kakao Talk. The Face Shop has had a long time collaboration featuring Kakao Friends. This latest collection is all Hoodie Ryan which is the character Ryan wearing a hoodie. Also, just a note Ryan is a lion not a bear.

Cushion – 20,000 won                                                         Lip Balm – 9,000 won
Foam Cleanser – 15,000 won                                            Body Wash – 16,000 won
Eye Shadow Palette – 20,000 won


8 – The Face Shop Holiday Twinkle Snowing Tint – 10.000 won

I don’t usually include the Christmas Collections in this list as they can be hard to get and this also meant yet another lip tint. But . . .  just look at them. They have little snow globes on the top.




9 – Tony Moly Tako Pore Care line – Scrub Stick 7,900 won, Gel Cream and Bubble Pack 10,800 won

One thing Tony Moly does well is cute! There are three products available from the Tako Pore Care line in different sized containers for different uses. The small one is the Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub Stick, the medium one is the Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream and the large one is the Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack.


10 – Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin Lumineuse Varnish / Lumineux Compact – 18,000 won

This new palette from Too Cool For School give a 3 step layering glow. You can use the colors alone or mix them together. Glow + Volume + Tone Up.  Also just look at that packaging.



11 – Skin 79 My Cat Perfume Hand Cream – 4,900 won each or set for 18,000 won

Perfect for the skincare loving cat person in your life. These gorgeous hand creams feature a range of kitties and different scents. You can buy them separately or as a whole set which still comes in under 20,000 won.


12 – Cosemetea Cleansing Sticks – 19,000 won

Three different varieties: Yellow – Dust Out Tea Cleanser White Tea & Lemon, Green – Pore Care Tea Cleanser Green Tea & Mint, Moisture Care Tea Cleanser Black Tea & Omija. Cute and practical.


13 – TOV Hand & Lip – 14,900 won

These handy little hand cream tubes have a lip balm in the cap. Great for on-the-go and they come in three different scents – Camellia, Wild Rose and Shea Butter.


14 – Round Around x Banana Milk Collab (season 2) – from 7,500 to 9,800 won

Round Around is an Olive Young exclusive brand and earlier in the year they had a collaboration with a very well known flavored milk company bringing out hand cream, lip balm, body wash and body lotion in packaging that resembles the iconic drink. The most famous is the banana one as it was first and then they added strawberry so those were the two that Round Around used. They have just added to the line with melon and coffee versions and they also added some hand washes too.



15 – Swanicoco Beer Bubble Pack – 16,800 won

An interesting cleanser that bubbles up on your skin. You can check out the video here on YouTube to see what it looks like.



16 – Secret Key Pink Racoony Hydro-gel Cheek & Eye Patch – 20,000 won

These pretty pink hydrogel patches can be used two ways. You can use the whole heart shaped patches on your cheeks or you can tear it in half to use under the eyes. How’s that for versatile.0020070000062

17 – 3CE Flower Pot Lip – 4,000 won and Heart Pot Lip – 7,900 won.

The Flower Lip Pots come in Tinted Pink, Coral, Red, Brick Red and Mint Care. The new Heart Pot Lips come in Tinted Pink, Coral, Brick Red, Woody Rose and Maroon Beige. These are small and look really nice so a great little gift to give to someone you love (also good for Valentine’s Day.


18 – Chupa Chups Lip Locker – 9,900 won

I know, so many lip products on this list but I had to add one more. These are the Chupa Chups Lip Tints and they look and smell just like their candy counterparts. But the best thing is they are not bad for your health. There are six flavors – Raspberry, Strawberries and Cream, Peach, Watermelon, Orange and Strawberry.


19 – Hugging U Back Pack  – 9,900 won

For the sheet mask mad friend who has tried all the sheet masks. Get them one of these new sheet masks for your back. Yes that is correct. Sheet masks for your back. There are two versions – Back Pack with Sexy Devil or Back Pack with Lucky Angel.


20 – SeaNtree Creams 5,900 won each or set of 3 17,600 won

SeaNtree make a variety of creams such as steam, snail and donkey milk for example. You can choose from various art on the packaging as they have the same product in multiple pots for many of their products. These are perfect for gifts and you can get a set of three for under 20,000 won so that’s three pressies sorted.


All photos are from the respective websites which are linked in the name of each product.

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