K-Beauty Expo – Glow Pick (App and Website)


I received this cute tote bag and hand mirror from the K-Beauty Expo. I’m always happy to get tote bags as I use them often and hand mirrors never go to waste. It’s great to have these little round ones in your makeup bag or purse for whenever you need them.

Glow Pick was one of the sponsors at the expo this year. They had a booth and also helped to bring us the rows of beauty stations that were set up with lights and mirrors. You could try many different products and freshen up here.

So what is Glowpick?

Glowpick is a popular beauty product review app here in Korea. You can login and review all kinds of products including perfume and candles. The app ranks many different beauty products from Korea and abroad. You can also use it to check ingredients and find where to buy products. The App links directly to the Korean search engine Naver.

Unfortunately Glowpick is currently only available in Korean so if you don’t read Korean the uses are a bit more limited. You can still use it to see the rankings of products and it’s interesting to see what products are trending in Korea.

It is mainly an App but they do have a website which is great if you want to see what products are in the top spots without downloading the App. They have a best 1, 2 and 3 for each category like toner, cream and essence and for makeup too. Then it continues down the list and ranks many other products in each category. You can also look at each brand individually and see what their top ranking products are.

This is a screen shot of the current top essences. You can see they have the top three up the top in a Gold, Silver and Bronze type setting.

top essence

And here are the current top cushions from the makeup category. You can see that the number one cushion at the moment is a western brand – Nars. Glowpick is designed for Korean users so includes both domestic and international brands as that is what people use. Western brands are very popular in Korea.

top cushions

If you have some basic Korean then the website/app is very simple to use. I can read a bit so it’s easy for me to find the category that I want. If you don’t you can just click around. It has pictures so you will be able to find what you are looking for. Then you can copy and paste into Google translate for the names of the products or if you want to look at some reviews.

One other thing I like about the website/app is that if you click on the product you are interested in then click on 같은 느낌 다른 제품 it will show you similar products. So perhaps something you want is a little expensive you might be able to find a similar product for a cheaper price.

All in all this is a handy little tool that can be useful even if you don’t read Korean.

Disclaimer – The tote ans hand mirror were gifted to me by the K-Beauty Expo as part of my role as 2017 K-Beauty Editor.



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