Review – 16 Brand Colorrulez Velvet Lip in Grape Juice

Sixteen Brand (16 Brand) is the more youthful marketed brand from Korean makeup artist Cho Sung Ah. They have a wide range of colorful makeup products and skincare items as well. This used to be a bit harder to get outside of Korea but nowadays with the spread of Kbeauty into the Western market it’s much easier to find both online and in store.


A little while back I happened to check out the Chosungah store in Myeongdong, Seoul and was really impressed with the range of color in their lip products. I chose this Velvet Lip one and also got a lip tint/balm duo too. I wasn’t supposed to buy anything as I was just having a look but I couldn’t resist the colors.

This lip product I am reviewing today is the #Colorrulez Velvet Lips which is for lip and cheek. I bought the color Grape Juice which is a gorgeous deep burgundy purple color.

The packaging in basic black with purple lettering. It’s simple but is functional and chic. The box also contains a full list of ingredients in English. You an click on the picture below if you are interested in that.



On the box it says ‘A lip & Cheek item containing Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize dry lips while color pigments fine particles create clear and smooth lips’. I like that it has some good ingredients in there to take care of my lips while I am wearing it.

The tube is a good size with a solid feel and it contains 4.5 g of product It has a twist off lid and the applicator is a large doe-foot. This is probably the only issue I have with the packaging. The applicator is good in that it’s easy to get a lot of product onto you lips at once so it’s very quick. But I found it a bit big to use with any precision.


It says that you can use this for a blush as well as a lip product. A lot of Korean lip products are designed to be used in various ways. I don’t tend to use them as anything other than lip products. Some of the other colors in this range might work as blushers but Grape Juice is quite dark and very pigmented. You would have to use the tiniest amount and really blend it out for it to have any chance at working.

However as a lip color it is great. This color is absolutely beautiful and I love it because it’s so rich and pigmented. As I mentioned it’s a bit hard to apply with the large applicator and I have trouble with the edges (I’ve got the fine cracks starting so it bleeds a bit). Definitely need a lip liner when using it for a full color look like below. I don’t have a lip liner here as I wanted to only show the Grape Juice color but I would normally use one.



It does not dry down at all so it’s going to transfer; that’s just a reality of these types of tints. They tend to wear off quickly especially when eating or drinking. You can blot it and that does make it dry a bit and stay on for longer. It’s very versatile so you can use less to make a more subtle look or for a gradient type of look if you want to. I enjoy colors like this because you can wear them however you like and you can change it up depending on how you feel on a particular day.

Overall I like this lip product, mainly because of the color and that is has some skincare ingredients in there so I know my lips are being looked after. I will definitely be checking out other colors from the range in the future.

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