First Impressions – Etude House Soft Drink Tints

EH Soft drink Tints

Some recent additions to my ever growing Etude House collection are the new Soft Drink Tints. These are adorably packaged to look like little soda bottles.

So of course first up we can see that these are super cute. They all smell amazing too however they are very strong so if you are sensitive to scents then these might be a bit much for you. They all smell and taste like different soda flavors. The colors are all nice and pigmented (the blue one is more of a glossy pink) and they last well on the lips.

PP501 Great Grape
PK001 Peach Tok Tok
OR201 Grapefruit Fantasy
RD301 Zero Red
BL601 Milky Soda

I also bought one of the tumblers that you could buy that went with them. They had five colors that matched the tints. I bought the green grape one because I thought the purple looked good. I love the kitty lid on it. These were pretty cheap, I think you could get them for 2,500 won with purchase or for 8,000 won just by itself.

EH Soft Drink Tint Swatches

Here are some swatches of all the colors and I’ve included some lip swatches so you can see what they look like on. They are all really pretty even the more orange colors which I don’t usually care for.

They last on the lips okay for a few hours so long as you are not eating or drinking. They do then start to do that annoying thing where it wears away from the inside and leaves a ring of darker color around the edges. It is much more prominent in the darker colors like the red and purple in particular. You just have to keep an eye on the color and make sure to take your tint out with you for top-ups.

The blue/green one (Milky Soda) is not a tint but more of a gloss so you don’t get the fading issue. It just has the barest hint of pink colors to it. However it also doesn’t last as long because of its more glossy nature. It’s a nice gloss though and you can use it with the other tints or any other products to give them a lovely glossy shine.

Overall I’m really liking these at the moment. Great packaging and a nice product too. They are not the best but for 8,000 won or cheaper if you get them on sale I can’t really complain. Oh and did I mention they are super cute?

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