K-Beauty Expo – Oka Recipe Moisturizing Sheet Mask Pack


I’ve already reviewed the Oka Recipe Moisturizing Sheet Mask Pack once before as part of my 7 Oka Masks write up from the K-Beauty Expo last year. However this year they sent me a box of ten of this Moisturizing Sheet Mask. I thought that I would revisit it and see how it fared for extended use. It’s good to be able to use a mask more than once so you can get a real feel for how it performs.

This mask says it is moisturizing and nourishing for your skin. The mask sheet is made from 100% cellulose fiber from cotton seed which is supposed to be lightweight, have good adhesion and be able to hold lots of essence.

There is definitely a good amount of essence. The mask is covered in it and there is about a teaspoon left in the packet.

The essence has a nice fresh smell and contains ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Mugwort  and Witch Hazel. You can find a full list of the translated ingredients in the pictures above.

It’s not the best fit for me but the sheet is thin and the essence is quite wet so it can be smoothed and folded down to stick to the face easily enough. The fit wasn’t dreadful or anything, however it does have some points against it. These are the things that I judge all masks on. The eye holes are a bit on the small side and the strip under the nose is too thick for my liking. These are minor issues but they annoy me. On the other hand it is great for my nose. I have a large nose so usually the flap is too small but these are a decent size.

I usually leave the mask on for about 20 to 30 minutes. Within that time I’ve found the mask does not dry out much. My face is always damp when I remove the mask. I have to pat in the excess for quite a while.

I also find it still feels like I have something on after that. It never quite sinks in completely. It’s not sticky or unpleasant but it’s there.

After using this mask my skin always feels moisturized and that is the main thing. Continued use has not shown any great additional effects past the initial moisturizing effect. I would still use it again as it’s a solid mask.

This item was provided to my by the K-Beauty Expo. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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