Hi, I’m AJ and I’m from New Zealand but am currently living in South Korea. I am an amateur at most beauty and makeup things but I’m starting this blog so I can share and document my discoveries.

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    1. Hey thanks for coming to visit too 🙂 I think I saw your blog on someone else’s blog that I follow. I always click the links of people who leave comments it’s a great way to find new blogs.

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      1. Yes, i presume its the lovey Karen from confetti and curves. I do the same. It’s always great to meet new bloggers from around the world. I especially adore this part of blogging 🙂

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      2. Ah yes, that was it. I went though and clicked all the nice people who commented and congratulated her 🙂 I am really liking meeting all these new people from around the world.

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      3. Well, Im sure we’re going to have a lot of fun reading your posts. Looking forward to them 🙂 And I hope you make many more friends here. I was blessed to find some extremely kind and encouraging hearts here!

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