Non-subscription Box – MEME X Gmarket Box (October 2015)

Last month I got my first MEME Box. I've never really bothered before as I can get almost everything I want here in Korea and MEME box was aimed more at overseas buyers wanting to try out Korean beauty items. The only reason I got this is because it was on Gmarket, Gmarket is my … Continue reading Non-subscription Box – MEME X Gmarket Box (October 2015)

Gmarket Haul – E-glips (June 2015)

I wanted to get this up over the weekend but have not been feeling well so it's a bit late. This is the last and the biggest of the hauls from my June Gmarket series. E-glips however, is really cheap so I did not spend that much. I've been wanting to try this brand for a … Continue reading Gmarket Haul – E-glips (June 2015)

Gmarket Haul – The Yeon (June 2015)

I was really excited to try out this brand, their lip products are really interesting and I could have bought a lot more from their other products but I had already spent way too much. The Yeon is a relatively new brand, the first store opened in Seoul back in 2013. It has expanded rapidly … Continue reading Gmarket Haul – The Yeon (June 2015)

Gmarket Haul and First Impressions – Yadah (June)

I have a series of hauls that I need to do from June. I am a bit behind still from May, basically I do too much shopping and can't keep up with myself. If you do like hauls then check out my Instagram as I put a lot of my shopping up on there. It's … Continue reading Gmarket Haul and First Impressions – Yadah (June)