K-Beauty Expo (Kintex 2017)

The weekend before last was finally time for the K-Beauty Expo Korea 2017. I have been looking forward to it all year and as you may be aware I was am a Beauty Editor for the Expo this year. This means that they have been sending me products to review from many of the brands … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo (Kintex 2017)

What’s New at Shangpree Spa!

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to be able to visit Shangpree Spa in Seoul. They invited me along to try out their new range of modeling masks. I had previously visited once before which was my first time at a spa. You can read all about that experience in my post - Beginners … Continue reading What’s New at Shangpree Spa!

K-Beauty Expo – 7 Oka Sheet Masks

Today I will be going through seven different Oka Sheet Masks. I have been trialing these over the past few weeks and I have now used all of them. I was going to talk about them individually on Instagram but I thought it would just be easier to combine it all together in one blog … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – 7 Oka Sheet Masks

Review – Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser

The Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser (야다 안티트러블 버블클렌저) is a gentle, low pH foaming cleanser specifically targeted to acne prone skin. It is suitable for all skin types and of course is especially good for troubled skin. The cleanser is part of Yadah's Anti-Trouble line which also includes other products such as a mist, toner, … Continue reading Review – Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser

K-Beauty Expo – Mail August 2017

I received another big mail package in August so I thought I would go through everything here and show you some of the goodies that will be on show at the Expo in October. Some of these I have already reviewed on Instagram so be sure to check in there if you haven't already. If … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – Mail August 2017

K-Beauty Expo – Three Shine K-II Sheet Masks

Today I am going through three mask packs from Shine K-II (샤인케이투). These were all published individually on my Instagram a while back but I just wanted to put them them all here together also. These were all sent to me by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – Three Shine K-II Sheet Masks

K-Beauty Expo – H.Lab Black Truffle Aqua Mask

I was sent five of these H.Lab Black Truffle Aqua Masks by the K-Beauty Expo for review purposes. This mask sheet is made of a soft and extremely thin material. It is 100% cupra which is   a fiber that comes from the cotton plant as part of the process of making cotton. It's related to … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – H.Lab Black Truffle Aqua Mask

K-Beauty Expo – Kocostar Long Boots Fitting Pack

I recently tried these new long boots from Kocostar and you may have seen my adventures on IG stories. A slightly shorter version of this review is also posted on my Instagram. These Kocostar Long Boots were provided to me by the K-beauty Expo for review purposes as part of my role as 2017 Beauty … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – Kocostar Long Boots Fitting Pack

K-Beauty Expo – BoLCA+ Anti-Wrinkle Mask

I was sent two of these masks from BoLCA+ by the K-Beauty Expo to try out and review. These were very interesting as the line of skincare made by BoLCA+ has an ingredient similar to Botox in it. The BoLCA+ range of products contains the world's first Botullinum derived cosmetic ingredient which is registered in … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – BoLCA+ Anti-Wrinkle Mask

K-Beauty Expo – The Essence of Nature Sap Patches

Today I am reviewing something a bit different that is not beauty related per se but still health and wellness so I think it still fits in with beauty related content. These are sap patches for your feet from a brand called The Essence of Nature which is from the company KJI Industrial. They were … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – The Essence of Nature Sap Patches