K-Beauty Expo – Unboxing Expo Beauty Box 2

A little late posting this as I received it a while back. I haven't had a chance to try anything from this box yet as we have some other things that have been sent since and I've been getting those reviews up on Instagram. If you follow on Instagram you might remember me unboxing this … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – Unboxing Expo Beauty Box 2

Masking – Cremorlab Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask

It's been a while since I used a Cremorlab mask so I thought I should dig one out of the stash. I've used this one before and I'm a fan of Cremorlab masks in general. They are probably some of my favorite masks both in fit and results. Cremorlab one of those brands that has … Continue reading Masking – Cremorlab Aqua Tank Hydro Plus Water-Full Mask

Haul – LOHBs Mask Haul

A few weeks back I went to LOHBs for the first time in a while. I was meeting a friend and she was earlier than me so waited for me in there. So once I arrived I took a look around and very quickly saw some masks I hadn't seen before. Then before I knew … Continue reading Haul – LOHBs Mask Haul

K-Beauty Expo – Unboxing Expo Beauty Box

As a Beauty Editor for the K-Beauty Expo Korea I was recently sent a box full of goodies to review. This box contains products from vendors who will have booths at the 2017 K-Beauty Expo Korea which will be held at Kintex in Goyang-Si on 12th-15th of October. The box was full of fun products … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – Unboxing Expo Beauty Box

2016 Beauty Favorites

Obviously I am posting this a bit late. However it's just a repost of my favorites that I put up over on Instagram a little while back. I thought it would be nice to add it here also. To be a contender for my list I had to have started using the product in 2016 … Continue reading 2016 Beauty Favorites

K-Beauty Expo – Beauty Editor Announcement

Hi everyone, I'm very pleased to announce that I have been selected to be a Beauty Editor for this years K-Beauty Korea Expo. This expo runs for 4 days and is held every year in October at Kintex in Goyang-Si, Korea. This year it will be on October 12th to 15th. I attended this expo … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – Beauty Editor Announcement

Masking – Tan May Mineral Ampoule Mask (Healing & Repair)

I had three of these masks that I bought from the Kbeauty Expo at Kintex back in October 2016. I wanted to wait till I had used them all before I did my review. I have been using these and the Tan May Jelly wash off mask over the last couple of weeks. This is … Continue reading Masking – Tan May Mineral Ampoule Mask (Healing & Repair)

Review – Yvesom Spirulina Toner

This product was sent to me by Yvesom in exchange for an honest review. I was lucky enough to meet them at the last Expo I attended in Korea and check out their products. I had been following this brand on Instagram for a while so it's always nice to meet in person. Although this … Continue reading Review – Yvesom Spirulina Toner

20 Under 20,000 won – K-Beauty Stocking Stuffers for 2016

Korean Beauty has some of the cutest makeup and skincare around and it's often really affordable so I thought I would put together a list of ideal stocking stuffers for your friends and family. The list is in no particular order, I've just numbered it for convenience. I have mostly stayed away from collaborations because … Continue reading 20 Under 20,000 won – K-Beauty Stocking Stuffers for 2016

Masking – Borntree Natto Gum Mask

This mask from Borntree contains Natto Gum which is supposed to be good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity and moisturizing. It's basically one of those Asian super ingredients. If you don't know Natto it's actually a Japanese food of fermented soy beans. They way they prepare and ferment it leads to a … Continue reading Masking – Borntree Natto Gum Mask