Gmarket Haul – Lioele (April 2015)

Ahh back to Gmarket, what would I do without it? Oh yeah, actually save my money 🙂 I recently made some purchases from Lioele, another Korean brand.  I haven't really tried much from their range so I figured it would be a good idea to give them a go. It's one of the more accessible … Continue reading Gmarket Haul – Lioele (April 2015)

Review – My Very First Stila Purchases

I recently made some purchase online from the Korean online shopping mall, Gmarket. You probably have heard me go on about this before, it's where I do the bulk of my shopping This time I found the mini-shop for AK Plaza. AK Plaza is big department store chain. Where I used to live in Suwon there … Continue reading Review – My Very First Stila Purchases

Gmarket Haul – Mizon (March 2015)

Mizon is one of my favorites for beauty products. I love all their skincare range and they also make my favorite BB cream. They used to have a great Snail Repair Cream, it was really nice and I loved it as a moisturizer, it was light and you only needed a tiny bit so the tube lasted for a while. I recently ran out and wanted to get … Continue reading Gmarket Haul – Mizon (March 2015)

Gmarket Haul – Holika Holika (March 2015)

This is another of the boxes I got on my recent shopping blowout on Gmarket. This time it was with the shop 'Holika Holika' which is another one like Secret Key that I have not really bought from because I always think of it as being 'cheap'. I don't know where these ideas come from. … Continue reading Gmarket Haul – Holika Holika (March 2015)

Gmarket Haul – Secret Key (March 2015)

I recently purchased a fair few items from the Korean online shopping mall Gmarket. I have mentioned this site a few times already because it is my main source of online shopping. They have practically everything you might need and mostly at really good prices too. Today I am going to show the things that … Continue reading Gmarket Haul – Secret Key (March 2015)

Online Shopping – Korea, New Zealand and Beyond

I do a large amount of my shopping online especially here in Korea where it is harder to find products and very easy to shop online. Even back in New Zealand I would do a bit when I could afford it. Sometimes if there is something that I can't get here in Korea I will buy … Continue reading Online Shopping – Korea, New Zealand and Beyond