K-Beauty Expo – March/April Mail

I have been sent a few products from the K-Beauty Expo over the past few months. They have been sending out smaller packages this year to give us time to try and review everything. Make sure you check out my Instagram for more information about all the products and some reviews.   This is what … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – March/April Mail

What’s New at Shangpree Spa!

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to be able to visit Shangpree Spa in Seoul. They invited me along to try out their new range of modeling masks. I had previously visited once before which was my first time at a spa. You can read all about that experience in my post - Beginners … Continue reading What’s New at Shangpree Spa!

Beginners Guide to the Spa – feat. Shangpree Spa

This past week I was lucky enough to visit renowned beauty spa - Shangpree Spa in Seoul. They have a few locations around Seoul and beyond and the one I went to was in Apgujeong. Shangpree has been around since 1990 and have built a quality beauty destination and brand. They are dedicated to the … Continue reading Beginners Guide to the Spa – feat. Shangpree Spa