Review – Castle Dew Colorshot Lips

Today's  review is of three VOV Castle Dew Colorshot Lips lipsticks. The three colors I have are very pretty. No.558 레이디로즈세팅 (Lady Rose Setting) is a nice rosy brown color. No.pk130 미드나잇핑크 (Midnight Pink) is a very pretty light pink I don't usually suit colors this light but I can get away with this one … Continue reading Review – Castle Dew Colorshot Lips

Gmarket and Shop Haul – VOV (May 2015)

I have bought a few VOV products (all lip ones, are you surprised?) recently, some of them online of Gmarket but I also picked up a few others from Olive Young. VOV is a drugstore line from LG Household & Health Care, as you may have realised brands in Asia are often inter-connected. There is usually a parent … Continue reading Gmarket and Shop Haul – VOV (May 2015)