2016 Beauty Favorites

Obviously I am posting this a bit late. However it's just a repost of my favorites that I put up over on Instagram a little while back. I thought it would be nice to add it here also. To be a contender for my list I had to have started using the product in 2016 … Continue reading 2016 Beauty Favorites

Online Haul and First Impressions – MooGoo and Dusty Girls (June)

I have seen MooGoo and their makeup line Dusty Girls around the blogosphere for a while and had been intrigued. The Dusty Girls line has beautiful packaging. But is was not until I saw fellow blogger SilkyResh's (from SilkyResh's Product Reviews) post about her recent purchases that I decided to have a look on the website … Continue reading Online Haul and First Impressions – MooGoo and Dusty Girls (June)

Lookfantastic Haul – Various (May)

This looks like a big haul but it is in fact the result of three smaller ones. I thought it was easier to group it all together in one place. They are all from one of my favourite online shopping haunts - Lookfantastic.com. This is another one of my 'late' May posts that I have … Continue reading Lookfantastic Haul – Various (May)

Beauty Bay Haul – Various (April 2015)

This is the third of the recent beauty shopping websites that I have tried out. It's another mini-haul, I only got a few items as some of them were a bit more on the expensive side and I really just wanted to try the site out. They have free shipping to Korea if you spend over £15, … Continue reading Beauty Bay Haul – Various (April 2015)

Beauty Swap – Korea/UK with Nina from Louiina

Look at all my goodies! The lovely Nina from over at Louiina (make sure you check out the blog if you haven't already) recently put out the call for beauty bloggers in different countries to do a beauty swap. It's such a fantastic idea I knew I wanted to be part of it. Basically what happens is … Continue reading Beauty Swap – Korea/UK with Nina from Louiina

Beautyjoint Haul – NYX and others (April 2015)

This is my first haul from Beautyjoint.com. I talked about them in previous post when I was going over the recent sites that I have been shopping on. So this is the first haul and it was just some lipsticks and pencils. I wanted to keep the weight down as this site does charge for shipping. It ended up … Continue reading Beautyjoint Haul – NYX and others (April 2015)

New Makeup – April Various (Western and Korean)

These are some recent purchases that I have made that were not part of hauls. Some of them were picked up in store and others were off Gmarket or iHerb. I thought I would put them together here and then once I have used them a bit more will put up some proper reviews. There … Continue reading New Makeup – April Various (Western and Korean)