YouTube Highlight – The Beauty Breakdown

Today I thought I would try to get back to posting some of my favorite YouTube channels and websites. I haven't added any for ages. I really like Morgan and her channel The Beauty Breakdown. She reviews, demos and does tutorials for a lot of Asian Beauty products. She is also really sweet and cheerful … Continue reading YouTube Highlight – The Beauty Breakdown

YouTube Highlight – Bebexo

Todays YouTube Highlight is a recent discovery of mine and I am absolutely in love with this YouTuber. The name of the YouTube channel is Bebexo and her name is Nee. She mainly does hair tutorials but also some makeup, style and lifestyle ones as well. Her hair videos are the ones that I am excited … Continue reading YouTube Highlight – Bebexo

YouTube Highlight – Stephanie Lange

Another of my favourite YouTubers today - Stephanie Lange. Stephanie Lange is a Makeup Artist from Australia. She does a whole range of beauty related videos and also has a blog too. I especially like her tutorials, she has done a few of them for hooded eyes, which I have, and they have been really helpful. One … Continue reading YouTube Highlight – Stephanie Lange

YouTube Highlight – Wayne Goss

First in my new 'Highlight' series is dedicated to the YouTube channel of makeup artist, Wayne Goss. I really enjoy his videos and find them informative and fun. I have learned so much just from watching his videos. The channel covers all types of beauty related videos from tutorials to product reviews and his favourite … Continue reading YouTube Highlight – Wayne Goss

New Series – YouTube and Website Highlights

I've decided to do a couple of new post series where I highlight YouTube videos I like and people that I follow and also blogs and websites that I like. Sometimes this is a really good way to find new content and I hope you will find some new sites and channels that you like … Continue reading New Series – YouTube and Website Highlights