Masking – Borntree Natto Gum Mask

This mask from Borntree contains Natto Gum which is supposed to be good for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving elasticity and moisturizing. It's basically one of those Asian super ingredients. If you don't know Natto it's actually a Japanese food of fermented soy beans. They way they prepare and ferment it leads to a … Continue reading Masking – Borntree Natto Gum Mask

May Masking Month – Instagram Challenge

Recently on Instagram myself and a few other gals got together to have a bit of a challenge. We decided to try to use a mask type product every day of May and post our adventures. The challenge was called #maymaskmonth and it was a lot of fun. Many others joined in so there was … Continue reading May Masking Month – Instagram Challenge