Lookfantastic Haul – Various (May)

This looks like a big haul but it is in fact the result of three smaller ones. I thought it was easier to group it all together in one place. They are all from one of my favourite online shopping haunts - Lookfantastic.com. This is another one of my 'late' May posts that I have … Continue reading Lookfantastic Haul – Various (May)

Beauty Bliss Haul – Various, New Zealand and Other (May)

This is the birthday haul that I had sent over from New Zealand from a website called Beauty Bliss. I knew I wanted to try some New Zealand lipsticks and although I am going home in July I just couldn't wait. I figured that my sister would be sending me something for my birthday, she … Continue reading Beauty Bliss Haul – Various, New Zealand and Other (May)

Lookfantastic Haul – Various (April 2015)

Another haul that I purchased from an overseas based website. This one I from Lookfantstic.com which is a British website and the great thing about them is that they have free worldwide shipping. I didn't get too many things from here so this is more of a mini-haul but the things I got were a bit more … Continue reading Lookfantastic Haul – Various (April 2015)

Beautyjoint Haul – NYX and others (April 2015)

This is my first haul from Beautyjoint.com. I talked about them in previous post when I was going over the recent sites that I have been shopping on. So this is the first haul and it was just some lipsticks and pencils. I wanted to keep the weight down as this site does charge for shipping. It ended up … Continue reading Beautyjoint Haul – NYX and others (April 2015)