K-Beauty Expo – 7 Oka Sheet Masks

Today I will be going through seven different Oka Sheet Masks. I have been trialing these over the past few weeks and I have now used all of them. I was going to talk about them individually on Instagram but I thought it would just be easier to combine it all together in one blog … Continue reading K-Beauty Expo – 7 Oka Sheet Masks

Masking – IYOU Red Ginseng Jelly Face Mask

I bought this IYOU Red Ginseng Jelly Face Mask at the expo I recently attended in Vietnam. I bought three of their masks and then I used this one that night in the hotel for some nice relaxing after a long day at the Mekong Beauty Show/K-Beauty Expo. I can't remember how much it was … Continue reading Masking – IYOU Red Ginseng Jelly Face Mask

Haul – LOHBs Mask Haul

A few weeks back I went to LOHBs for the first time in a while. I was meeting a friend and she was earlier than me so waited for me in there. So once I arrived I took a look around and very quickly saw some masks I hadn't seen before. Then before I knew … Continue reading Haul – LOHBs Mask Haul